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Ryan 'The Superfly' Prast lays down the 411 on all of the upcoming WizKids goodies unleashed at SDCC:

WizKids shows continued success in the collectible miniature wargame market this year, with additions to the successful HeroClix, MechWarrior and Pirates lines and adding new games and licenses such as HorrorClix, ToonClix and Battlestar Galactica.

Earlier this year, WizKids announced a new addition to its line of games – HorrorClix. Similar to the HeroClix line, HorrorClix players assemble teams of monsters from across the horror spectrum (including vampires, zombies and werewolves) and then protect the innocent, eat them or both…HorrorClix raises the bar for all miniatures games by shifting the game focus from hack-and-slash combat to inventive scenario- and story-based play. Additionally, it uses the combat dial to provide literally hundreds of tailor-made supernatural (and super-gruesome) powers and abilities. Character cards flesh out each monster with fiction and detailed explanations of each creature’s capabilities, including mechanics never before seen in miniatures games. HorrorClix will release in late summer or early fall of 2006, and will be available at gaming stores, comic stores and specialty stores worldwide.

Alien vs. Predator will also be a part of the HorrorClix line, with the first HorrorClix Collector’s Set – Aliens – due out in December. It contains seven combat-ready creatures from the vision of H.R. Geiger and as seen in the 2004 feature film Alien vs. Predator. The Predator set will debut in early 2007. Each set will include a special map detailing locations from the movie, including shifting walls in an ancient pyramid.

The H. P. Lovecraft creation, Great Cthulhu, was a SDCC exclusive figure for the HorrorClix line. Crafted by sculptor Brian Dugas and standing almost 16-inches tall at the wings, Great Cthulhu towers over all other figures, inspiring a mixture of awe and terror that is most appropriate in the presence of an Ancient One.

WizKids also announced ToonClix, a new game targeted at the 6-12 demographic. ToonClix will feature figures based on cartoon characters from the libraries of Warner Bros., the Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, and the Kids' WB. With only 36 figures in the first set ToonClix should be easy to collect and players will find enough to play a game in every pack. The goal of the game is to get your character to the highest state of happiness, and each figure will come with cards that can be used to create a diorama-like background. This is due to ship in September.

For Marvel HeroClix fans, the Sinister expansion set was released in June and focused on the villains of the Marvel Universe. The Danger Room set, a stand-alone, diorama-format HeroClix game with updated rules and a variety of X-Men characters, also was released in June. The Supernova expansion set will be released in October, showcasing cosmic-themed characters and the Kree, Skrulls and Shi’ar. Expect to see plenty of material from the classic Marvel stories like Infinity War, the Secret Wars, and the Kree-Skrull War. New teams include the New Warriors, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Squadron Supreme. There will also be a Collector’s Set released at the end of ‘06 based on characters from the Marvel 2099 storylines.

DC HeroClix saw the release of the Collateral Damage expansion set in Feb, the massive Spectre convention-exclusive figure and DC HeroClix Giants Collector's Set in March. The DC HeroClix Green Lantern Corps Collector's Set is due to arrive in September, and includes a variety of non-human members of the illustrious Corps.

WizKids will be releasing “Action Pack” collector sets based on themes; the first of which arrives in November. Fans can look forward to the release of the X-Men Days of Future Past Action Pack, featuring the return of the Marvel HeroClix Sentinel (as the Advanced Sentinel, with a stronger dial and new game play) and an updated Colonel Logan figure and a new figure of Rachel Summers as Hound. Also included is map representing the outdoor ruins of the X-Mansion and two brand-new scenarios. Combine this new map with the one included in the Marvel HeroClix X-Men Danger Room Game Starter Set for the largest-ever contiguous HeroClix map!

Indy HeroClix players will get their first new set in almost a year with the release of the Invincible Collector's Set in August of 2006 - a set theme chosen by HeroClix fans.

For the Pirates of the Spanish Main game, the recent Pirates of Davy Jones Curse expansion introduced sea monsters to the game. October will see the release of Pirates of the Mysterious Islands only to the hobby channel and Pirates Tins to both the core and mass channels at the same time

WizKids also introduced the Battlestar Galactica game this year. This brand new CCG from WizKids brings all the intrigue and action of the current Battlestar Galactica TV Series to the tabletop. Political Maneuvering and battles against the Cylons figure prominently.

The MechWarrior line released Domination and Vanguard in 2006, with another set due out in October. Players will take part in a massive invasion of the Inner Sphere by an old foe: a fan-favorite faction returns with a vengeance in MechWarrior: Wolf Strike, in which stylized 'Mechs are piloted by some of the most deadly warriors ever born, and the Sphere will never be the same. Following this release is MechWarrior: Outlaws, where the toughest guns in MechWarrior meet - and are available to the highest bidder! Outlaws in their own land, these special gunslingers can fight for any faction. Outlaws is scheduled to hit stores in January of 2007.


wiz01.jpg (162 K)
wiz02.jpg (165 K)
wiz03.jpg (211 K)
wiz04.jpg (247 K)
wiz05.jpg (195 K)
WizKids Display WizKids Display AVP Box Set HorrorClix GL Box Set
wiz06.jpg (191 K)
wiz07.jpg (232 K)
wiz08.jpg (176 K)
wiz09.jpg (197 K)
wiz10.jpg (155 K)
GL Box Set GL Box Set GL Box Set Giant Spectre WizKids Display
wiz11.jpg (207 K)
wiz12.jpg (234 K)
wiz13.jpg (240 K)
wiz14.jpg (220 K)
wiz15.jpg (224 K)
HorrorClix Display HorrorClix AVP Box Set Giant Chthulu HorrorClix
wiz16.jpg (251 K)
wiz17.jpg (208 K)
wiz18.jpg (236 K)
wiz19.jpg (335 K)
wiz20.jpg (205 K)
HorrorClix HorrorClix HorrorClix HorrorClix Invincible Box Set
wiz21.jpg (255 K)
wiz22.jpg (192 K)
wiz23.jpg (192 K)
wiz24.jpg (359 K)
wiz25.jpg (197 K)
HeroClix City Display HeroClix City Display HeroClix City Display HeroClix City Display HeroClix City Display
wiz26.jpg (189 K)
wiz27.jpg (196 K)
wiz28.jpg (197 K)
wiz38.jpg (237 K)
wiz30.jpg (237 K)
HorrorClix Display HorrorClix Display HorrorClix Display Supernova Boxes HorrorClix
wiz31.jpg (209 K)
wiz36.jpg (200 K) wiz39.jpg (139 K) wiz37.jpg (174 K)
wiz35.jpg (165 K)
Box Sets Display Supernova "Secret" Characters Venom Supernova "Secret" Characters Supernova "Secret" Characters





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