Secret Wars Collection – The Halfway Point
April 9, 2009

Was taking some random shots today and figured I’d post a small Secret Wars collection update.  I’ve got one bookcase nearly full, with the only thing missing from the case being a Black Claw Wolverine that’s on the way.  I’ll probably buy another one of the cheap MOCs to fill that last spot before the rest of my Future Warriors come in.

Who the freak are the Future Warriors, you ask?  Well, they’re the subject of a blog I’m working on that will be done in a few weeks when I receive those figures.  They were released in Brazil using Secret Wars molds to create all-new original characters.  They’re pretty neat looking, and very impressive for a bootleg line.

Here are the couple pics I took…enjoy!




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  • texgnome1 says:

    Hey thanks for sharing Chip. I loved this line – it ended far too early IMHO. I had all of them at one point, including the European exclusives with the exception of the Electro you have pictured there and Iceman.

    Now get busy on a new Top 10 list! :D

  • chuck jones says:

    Would LOVE to see your pictures, but they do not display. :(

  • kevfett says:

    Very nice indeed! I can’t wait to see your Future Warriors piece. I’ve been wondering what they were since you put that up as your avatar.

  • Great display. It’s my memories of the Secret Wars figures that have me collecting Marvel Universe over twenty years later.

  • Cantina-Dan says:

    Awesome. I have very fond memories of the line. I was a big Marvel Comics fan when I was young and these figures let me act it all out. I agree that it ended far too soon. These were really great figures. Not much articulation but the sculpts were cool. Thanks for the pics and info about “Future Warriors”!

  • Rjackson says:

    Ha! That red and black Future Warrior looks like an early prototype of Deadpool! Marvel must have stole the idea for him from the Future Warriors ;)

  • jzachery says:

    Awesome display! Love when you do blogs on vintage stuff. The Future Warriors look like, what if Image tried to do Secret Wars, ha. They look amazing and bring back great memories!

  • GreatWhite Customs says:

    I have all the figures in this line EXCEPT Electro…I keep bidding but he always just escpes my cluthes. GREAT line and many great memories.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Darth_Ennis says:

    Beautiful collection Chip, very very impressive. I have egvery one of these figures save for the 3 European exclusives and I still love them to this day. The majority of my first customs were Secret Wars, though I will never show them to ANYONE even though I still have them.

    I am I a looking forward to reading your Future Warriors blog, as I have just fouind out about these guys myself. I hope that it will prove very informative.

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