Secret Wars Highlight – The Electro Addendum
June 8, 2009

This is the first time I’ve felt compelled & justified in making a short "addendum" blog to one of my previous entries.  As my loyal readers will remember, a short time ago I wrote about the Electro figure in my first Secret Wars Highlight.

Well, my new friend Jason Sanders read that, sent along two photos of some really rare pieces…and told me it was okay to share.  

Up first is a French release bi-lingual carded Electro.  As you can see, the French dual logo cards have a neat rounded-top bubble.  This example is in fantastic shape, and is an AFA (boo! hiss!) grade of 80.


And finally we have something even rarer than most pre-production items…a test-shot of Electro’s head!  For the uninitiated, this is NOT a "prototype" as stated erroneously by most eBay sellers.  Test-shots are simply that…mold tests using whatever color plastic happens to be available at the time.  Vintage line examples are difficult to come by, and the fact that this is one of a rare third-series figure makes it even more sweet to see.


A big thanks to Jason for allowing me to display his cool stuff, and thanks for reading!



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