Shapeways 3D Printed Thorgi Review
January 23, 2015


Today I take a quick look at the 3D printed Thorgi (Thor and Corgi hybrid) figure sold exclusively at


Thanks to the miracle of modern science 3D printing is the future of pretty much a lot of things BUT let’s focus on its most impractical yet important use: figures!
This figure, designed by Corretta Singer, encapsulates the magic of 3D printing in its simplest form. I love this figure and had to have one immediately because I am a Corgi owner and this looks just like her in a Thor outfit.

The figure is printed in full color sandstone and looks amazing in person. These photos don’t do it justice. The detail on the helmet and chestplate is perfect.

This figure is light and feels a bit fragile but looks great and makes a great conversation piece. Especially if that conversation is dogs cosplaying.

If you want your own it’ll cost you $25 and you’ll have to go through Shapeways: here


I hadn’t heard of them before but was able to get my Thorgi quickly and easily. It takes about a week and a half, maybe more, because the figure is printed on demand making it that much more unique.

I’d recommend the experience and suggest you poke around if superheroic dogs aren’t your thing. They have a ton of great stuff. I did take pictures of Thorgi and Pancake (my corgi) but you have to go to for those!

Cesar Zamora
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