Skybound Entertainment Figure Reviews! (Saga, Walking Dead, Outcast)
October 18, 2016

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While at New York Comic Con I stopped by the  Skybound Entertainment booth where they were selling some of their awesome exclusive figures. Today I’ll be taking a quick look at those figures and giving a brief review. Starting with the “Walking Dead” Negan & Glenn set:

20161014_133559 20161014_133633

This set is was not exclusive to New York Comic Con and has been available before but I had previously missed out on it. I have been interested in these figures since the first Comic Con exclusive Negan figure was announced. I’m not really a fan of the comics or the show but I really love the comic inspired figures.


I have a comic inspired Rick Grimes from one of the early waves and was always tempted to pick up the Riot Gear Glenn from a while back. This version of Glenn will suffice. He comes with an axe and alternate head that displays the aftermath of Negan’s rage. I know the TV show will be doing this story arc but might stray from the comics so this figure may only be a spoiler for the comics…or is it?!?!?!

20161014_134131 20161014_134141 20161014_134153 20161014_134323 20161014_134332 20161014_134739

This is a great figure  with great details. His smashed in head has great details and very realistic, graphic paint applications. His articulation is quite impressive considering all he needed was knee bends. Probably not the most interesting version of Glenn pre-head smash, but post-head smash he makes a very gory but fun display piece.

Negan has been released before in a few iterations and I believe this bloody version was part of a single pack. Either way he’s still a great figure and one that I wanted in my collection despite not being a “Walking Dead” fan.

20161014_142544 20161014_134118 20161014_134205

He comes with Lucille (his signature weapon) and a very sinister grin. He also comes with a knife that seems pretty pointless when you have a barb-wire covered baseball bat. The blade is overkill at that point (no pun intended!). I’m very intrigued by the character and this figure makes me interested in both the comics and TV version. Great articulation and paint apps, a very nice figure.

20161014_133524 20161014_133537

Next up is the “Saga” set of figures, featuring Alana and Marko. These are great figures that I was  very drawn to, once again it was the figures that interested me before I knew about  the media they are from. I will now be purchasing “Saga” volumes because of how cool these figures  are. They evoke a “Star Wars” meets Fantasy vibe that make them excellent display pieces.

20161014_140011 20161014_140033 20161014_140036 20161014_140039 20161014_140115 20161014_140221 20161014_140314 20161014_140327

Alana is the highlight of the set, coming with the most accessories and overall design. She is somewhat more simple that Marko but  the simplicity in her design makes her that much more interesting. She comes with a cool blaster, mace, and wings. She also comes with accessories that give her wings a “put away” mode.

20161014_140021 20161014_140050 20161014_140105 20161014_140549

What Marko lacks in accessories he makes up for in details. He’s sporting ram-like horns on his head, a very cool jacket, and a removal scabbard for his cutlass style sword. Both characters have a hipster-“Star Wars” vibe that I find very cool. As I’ve mentioned before these figures will make me want to read the series they are based to learn more about them. These are great figures and I’m sure fans of “Saga” are already very aware of this.

20161014_133444 20161014_133506 20161014_133422 20161014_133435

Finally we come to the “Outcast” figures that were introduced at New York Comic Con. They are basically the same figure, with one being a bloody variant, a signature of McFarlane/Skybound figures. New York Comic Con also debuted”Outcast” figures based on the Cinemax show inspired by the graphic novel. I only picked up the comics versions.

20161014_140905 20161014_140927 20161014_140956 20161014_141059 20161014_141114 20161014_141416 20161014_141428 20161014_141438 20161014_141527

Both figures have the same overall sculpt and come with a spectral power accessory. Having not read the comics or seen the show I’m not sure what his powers are but it looks very cool. It could be my eyes playing a trick on me but it seems the bloody variant comes with a darker spectral power thingy. The accessory is removable as seen in the pictures above but it isn’t very easy and there is a pretty big hole in his back when removed. Here are a few picture of the accessory removed:

20161014_141215 20161014_141203 20161014_141150

These are very cool figures with great details and comic accurate paint apps and sculpts. I’m now interested in the comic, co-created by “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman. The figure is pretty simple and the bulky accessory requires they use a base, but the pack-in base works very well and they actually stand pretty well on their own. Overall, these figures, including the “Saga” and “Walking Dead” sets are great collectibles and really cool figures. They spark my interest in their properties and my imagination. Highly recommended! Let me know what you guys think about the comics in the comments down below, thanks for reading!




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