So do ya ever buy the same toy over and over and over…?
April 16, 2008

Call me crazy, but I often keep buying the same characters over and over.  If it’s one of my favories, I collect and customize endless variations of the same the character.  I know.  It’s a bit odd.  My good pal FreshMonkey has a much saner approach to collecting.  He simply gets one "definitive" version of each character in a collection.  And looking at his amazing Marvel Legends shelf, I often think, "Man, that’s the way to go…."

 But me, I like to keep buying the same character over and over.  Maybe it’s the artist in me, but seeing different interpretations of the same character just fascinates me. 


 Take my collection of Gomora, one of the monsters or "Ultra Kaiju" from the Japanese TV series Ultraman:


  You’re either thinking, "Damn!  That is cool!  Look at all those cool brown dinosaurs!"  or  "Damn, why does he have so many of the same brown dinosaur?"  But I look and see all these different versions and note see that one might be more on model, another might be more dynamic, while still another is fun and stylized.  (And I get to marvel at these lovely beasties often as they live on the top shelf of my bathroom!!!)

  This love of multiple variations of course spills over into my customizing.  Consider my collection of Road Warriors Legion of Doom:

The pic above are all off the shelf Hasbro or Jakks figures except the green ones which are customs I purchased (HORROR!  O_O  A customizer buying customs!)

This pic above is of customs I did of the Road Warriors from early in their career.  These are mainly kit-bashed w/ custom facepaint.  The "gay biker" leathers I got on ebay.  ^___^

Finally here we have my LOD 2000 customs, including Droz, alongside the Jakks Online exclusives with Demolition and the Powers of Pain in the back…  (This collection lives in a closet.  I know, I know, half naked wrestlers in studded leather and gay biker outfits.  Freud is spinning in his grave no doubt, LOL!)

Even more egregious, however, is my collection of Gundam MS-05 "Old Type" Zaku I.  It’s my favorite Mobile Suit from the classic Anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.  This collection not only includes off the shelf items but numerous customs, repaints and just plain wierd stuff…

So there you have it.  Just a small slice of my obsession with certain characters.

And now you’re probably thinking one of 2 things.  Either "WOW!  What a cool collection!  Spy has really shown me the thrill and majesty of subtle variations on the same characters!" or  "Whoa.  The guy has a shelf full of brown dinosaurs in his bathroom and a closet full of half naked wrestlers in studded leather and gay biker outfits…"

All I can say to that is; just wait until you see my Green Lantern Collection…


’til next time, Play with your Toys!


Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung
It's the all new, all different SpyMagician! No longer single, no longer an educator, but still 100% Toygeek! "I make good customized actions figures, but I also collect Pokemon. Go figure..."
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  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    I have to agree, Jeremy. Its very fun to compare all the different versions of the same character. Your Gomora collection is great! Can’t wait to see your lanterns.

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