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April 23, 2008

The other day I decided to check in on my friend (and über R2-D2 fan) Dustin Robert’s and see what Astromech goodness he’d recently unearthed.  So, I’m checking the news posts and find a link to a story about the exclusive R2-KT figure that Hasbro made last year (about the R2-KT figure at so I follow the link and find that Dustin has posted a series of photos showing the step-by-step assembly instructions for the factory workers.  Now, I’ve been an obsessive reader on anything that relates to how toys are manufactured and marketed for 20+ years now but I’ve never seen a guide like this before.  I mean, in the back of my mind I knew such things had to exist but I’d never heard mention of them much less seen them before.  So, with Dustin’s permission, just click the photo below to see how a Hasbro Astromech made from the R4-G9 mold is assembled, welded and packaged… 

…while you’re there you should also take a look around the rest of Dustin’s site to see some cool R2 prototypes and designs of things that never were.


(Special thanks to John Lee for taking the R2-KT photo at the top of the story.  BTW, if any of you know of other links that show instructions like these post them below ‘cause I apparently haven’t been looking in the right places!)


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