Sometimes busting my ass and working hard is worth it…
May 29, 2009

When the end result shows up in the mail in bunches, it makes the soreness in the morning and the aches and pains when I roll into my condo at 11:30pm each night worth it.  My boss at the piano store (where I have my packages sent) was kind enough to drop them into my Jeep while I was at work this evening.  I opened them up and suddenly had a pile of rarities on my counter.  Between this and a visit from a certain very attractive female this evening (hopefully more on that later), life is definitely very good right now.


For those that aren’t familiar, in that picture are the following : PlayFul Super Amigos Penguin (alternate card artwork than any other release), Gulliver Robin (alternate card artwork than any other release), 33-back Green Arrow (one of the rarest production releases from the Super Powers line…certainly less than 10 known to exist), and one of the catalog-exclusive Secret Wars 2-packs (sealed baggies!).

A big "thank you" to Joe G. for trading me the Robin & Penguin.  He’s a stand-up guy and really appreciates my passion for this line.  Hopefully sometime in the future I can repay him 10-fold.  He’s one of the reasons I stay at AFI…a really cool cat. 

A good day, and now I can sleep.  




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  • Christophe says:

    I’ve been looking for that particular Robin drawing! haha. Great hauls man!

  • Scott says:

    What’s a 33-back?

    • Chip Cataldo says:

      Certain previously-released characters were released on the cards normally associated with the final series of figures (such as Cyborg and Shazam). It’s a card with no offers on the front and no comic book included. Generally regarded as the nicest card back style since it is very clean and showcases the artwork very nicely.

      To complete a full set of 10 is very very difficult. This is only the 2nd Green Arrow I’ve seen in a year, and the only one that was up for sale. I’ve seen one Superman, one Batman, and one Kalibak. Those four are the most difficult, IMHO.



  • Dusty says:

    Awesome Sir! I am very glad life is going good for you, (and I hope it continues to do so.) 🙂


  • H-Balm says:

    I hope we all get to learn more about these in future blogs.

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