Star Wars Black & New Marvel Universe – In Hand Images
July 24, 2013


Not a bad day for collecting. On the hunt today I found Star Wars Black and new Marvel Universe figures on the shelves. More pics below!

First up, Star Wars Black, which look great in the packaging. I’ve never collected a figure and kept it in the box but these are tempting. They look like gourmet chocolate bars…




The Luke was found at a Toys “R” Us, but Biggs was picked up at a nearby Target, so keep a look out for these at both stores.



The new wave of Marvel Universe figures were found at Target only. One Toys “R” Us that I visited had gotten a fresh case of the Hercules wave, they brought out the box for me. That got my hopes dashed of seeing the newer wave until 10 minutes later when I went to Target…


The back of the card shows Black Suit Spider-Man as part of this wave, and the other figures also have older figures pictured on the card back as part of this wave. The shelf reflected this, as I saw all the figures pictured on the pegs except Rhino. It was also interesting that the older figures had updated card backs to fully integrate them into the wave.


Also of note is the character saying “Collect them all!” Obviously different from previous waves, as is usually the case, but I have no idea who that is. Anybody?



I wasn’t sure if I wanted the new Cap sculpt, but I was so happy to finally get new figures after a dry-spell I decided to go for it. He’s a nice looking figure, recommended for those on the fence.



A very good toy hunting day indeed. I love days like this, the only downside being I’m pretty much caught up until who knows when. Good luck and happy hunting!


Cesar Zamora
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  • Brainlock says:

    looks like the cardback character is the caveman from Thunderbolts? No clue on name. (Ogre???)

    and wasn’t SW Black supposed to be 6″ scale? or is there two scales to this sub-line?

  • Patrick says:

    The ‘collect them all’ character on the back of this wave is Troll from (the last incarnation of) The Thunderbolts.
    (Someone at Hasbro must be a huge T-Bolts fan, they’re getting a ton of love right now…)

  • demoncat4 says:

    nice haul love how they did mysterio and have to agree the character saying collect them all is troll either that or wolfbane needing a trim. but its troll the star wars black look interesting given how hasbro had vowed to only keep star wars one size

  • Richard Grayson says:

    Interesting how you phrased your recommendation for Cap, as I am on the fence about him. I saw him once and passed, as all those friction held pieces seem to stand out so wide; plus I’m sure keeping them lined up will be a pain, but I’d love to hear your thoughts once you break him loose. Could you post some loose pics, too? Cheers!

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      I might do that, thanks for the read! Most of my figures go straight to storage/closet, and I tend to keep them in the box for protection and to keep them together BUT I do have several Caps so I might do a comparison blog.

      • Richard Grayson says:

        Neat! I’ve just been so bummed by there really not being a decent Cap in the MU line. I bought the “International Heroes” 3-pack from the movie because he looked the best, but the range of motion in the joints is just terrible! His hip joints are set too deep to move at all! This Cap looks sooo close to an ideal version, but I detest buying a character I already have.

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