#StarWars #TheLastJedi Minor Spoiler
February 17, 2017

There has been an awakening, have you felt it? Thanks to the ever-spoiling Twitter, I have! To spare you I’ve included a recent discovery that reveals a minor spoiler down below, scroll down after Nick Winters’ “Star Wars” lyrics to find out. Do or do not, it’s up to you:

Oh Star Wars,
Nothing but Star Wars,
Give me those Star Wars,
Dont let them end.
Oh Star Wars,
If they should bar wars,
Please let these Star Wars
And hey, how ’bout that nutty Star Wars Bar,
Can you forget all those crazy creatures in there?
And hey, Darth Vader in his black and evil mask,
Did he scare you as much as he scared me?
Oh Star Wars,
Those near and far wars,



Here there be spoilers:

The official Latin American Star Wars page just confirmed a theory about the title. The word Jedi can be singular or plural, causing speculation about who the title referred to. “Los Ultímos Jedi” is the title in Spanish. Making it clear that it’s plural, which includes Luke, Rey, and even Kylo. Maybe others…Thanks to Twitter user @nuriwan for the heads up!

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