State of the Cantina
March 3, 2009

There is a common sub-breed of collector who rejoices every time a one-second-of-screen-time character gets an action figure. The cantina scene from Star Wars epitomizes this type of character. Loads of kooky aliens, locals,  and "spacemen" who you’ll miss if you blink. The four Kenner action figures to the right are what gave birth to my fascination with this iconic scene. We’ve gotten a bunch more cantina denizens in the modern Star Wars line. How many do we have now? Who’s left to be made?

Although I spent more time than I should have composing this checklist there will no doubt be some inaccuracies. For those more cantina insane than I am please jot down your corrections below. I will be happy to update this entry.

Lets start with cantina patrons who do have a plastic counterpart. These are in alphabetical order.


Name: BoShek
Figure Status: 2002 POTJ
Comments: One of the only "human" cantina characters we’ve gotten to date.




Name: Pons Limbic (Brainiac)
Figure Status: 2008 Legacy
Comments: A bit more recognizable from the Holiday Special.




Name: Dannik Jerriko
Figure Status: 2005 Trilogy Transitional
Comments: Not crazy about this figure. Yes, expanded universe tells us of his prehensile proboscises but I wish he came without. You really can’t remove them because of the ugly holes they leave behind. Also unnecessary: the pipe hole in his mouth.



Name: Dice Ibegon
Figure Status: 2008 Legacy
Comments: Came packaged with Trinto Duaba. Didn’t expect to get this Florn Lamproid so soon. But glad we did. So is Lak Sivrak.




Name: Djas Puhr
Figure Status: 2002 Saga
Comments: One of my favorite cantina figures. Sculpt is superb top to bottom.




Name: Elis Helrot
Figure Status: 2007 30th Anniversary
Comments: Its pretty metal to have your skull on the outside.



Name: Ellors Madak
Figure Status: 2001 POTJ
Comments: This was the Fan’s Choice Figure #1. We still need his Duros buddy. When this first came out I thought is was so cool that he had his holster on his boot.




Name: Dr. Evazan
Figure Status: 1) 1997 POTF Walmart Exclusive Cinema Scene, 2) 2002 Saga Walmart Exclusive Cantina Bar Set, 3) 2004 Trilogy K-Mart Exclusive Screen Scene
Comments: For one of the only cantina patrons who actually has lines he’s gotten the shaft figure wise. Yes, there’s been 3 releases but they’re all crappy. Sorely in need of a proper update.


Name: Feltipern Trevagg
Figure Status: 2005 Trilogy Transitional
Comments: One of my favorite denizens and figure representations.




Name: Figrin Da’n
Figure Status: 1) 1997 POTF Fan Club Exclusive, 2) 2006 30th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive Tin Collection
Comments: I’m just using Da’n to represent all the Modal Nodes. This guy need an update bad. Very iconic character who deserves a top shelf figure. Do it, Hasbro!



Name: Greedo
Figure Status: 1) 1996 POTF, 2) 1999 POTF CommTech, 3) 2002 Walmart Exclusive Cantina Bar Set, 4) 2004 Trilogy, 5) 2006 Saga Vintage
Comments: Because I’m cheap I haven’t bought a Greedo since the CommTech version. I loved all the figures in that unique series.



Name: Hem Dazon
Figure Status: 2006 Saga
Comments: Its fitting that we have a figure of essentially the first alien you see upon entering the cantina.




Name: Kabe
Figure Status: 1) 1998 POTF Internet Exclusive, 2) 2006 Saga Walmart Exclusive
Comments: In the 1998 release Kabe came boxed with Muftak. In the 2006 release Kabe came packaged with Nabrun Leids.



Name: Ketwol
Figure Status: 2001 POTJ
Comments: This figure is great. Love the surprise you get when you take off its pants. That sounded weird, right? However, I do hold a grudge against Ketwol for replacing Lak in the Special Editions.



Name: Kitik Keed’kak
Figure Status: 1) 2002 Saga Walmart Exclusive Cantina Ba

r Set, 2) 2006 Saga Walmart Exclusive
Comments: Cool character, cheap figure. I remember being a bit annoyed at how much I had to shell out for this when he was first released in the Bar Set. Wish I’d have waited for the single.



Name: Labria
Figure Status: 1) 1998 POTF Cinema Scene, 2) 2006 Saga Walmart Exclusive
Comments: For being 10 years old this figure holds up pretty well. Wish I’d have gotten the single when it came out.



Name: Lak Sivrak
Figure Status: 1998 POTF Freeze Frame
Comments: Funny that this was one of the very early cantina characters we got since rumor has it Lucas didn’t like him, hence his replacement in the Special Edition.




Name: M’iiyoom Onith
Figure Status: 2007 30th Anniversary
Comments: After reading Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina you can’t have Feltipern without having this pretty lady.




Name: Momaw Nadon
Figure Status: 1) 1996 POTF, 2) 2002 Saga Walmart Exclusive Cantina Bar Set, 3) 2006 Saga
Comments: Great character design with vintage history. The 2006 update is adaquete but not inspiring. The articulation is subpar for that generation of figure. The guy who put Ithorians on the map deserves more of a home run figure.


Name: Muftak
Figure Status: 1998 POTF Internet Exclusive
Comments: I remember being super excited to order the Muftak / Kabe set. This figure holds up really well for being a decade old.




Name: Myo
Figure Status: 2005 Trilogy Transitional
Comments: Eye love this figure. (Its getting late.)





Name: Nabrun Leids
Figure Status: 1) 1998 POTF Cinema Scene, 2) 2006 Saga Walmart Exclusive
Comments: Another figure I regret not picking up the single because I really like the improved paint apps. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new, updated sculpt for this unique and very visible cantina character.



Name: Ponda Baba
Figure Status: 1) 1997 POTF, 2) 1997 POTF Walmart Exclusive Cinema Scene, 3) 2002 Saga Cantina Bar Set
Comments: Its time for a revamp of this guy. I’m still displaying my 1997 version and he holds up reasonably well. But this guy saw the first real lightsaber action of the original trilogy! Give him an update already!



Name: Takeel
Figure Status: 1998 POTF Cinema Scene
Comments: Always thought this was the weakest figure in the Cinema Scene set. But still happy to have him. Now if only I can figure out the Snaggletooth/Zutton/Takeel confusion.



Name: Trinto Duaba
Figure Status: 2008 Legacy
Comments: Came packaged with Dice Ibegon. Kind of a cantina sleeper but he was hanging with some heavies.




Name: Wioslea
Figure Status: 2008 Legacy
Comments: I always thought Wioslea was just the guy Luke sold his landspeeder to. Turns out he was also inside the cantina. Never thought this figure would see the light of day and I am thrilled to actually have him. Big high-five to Hasbro!



Name: Wuher
Figure Status: 1) 2000 POTF CommTech Fan Club Exclusive, 2) 2002 Saga Walmart Exclusive Cantina Bar Set, 3) 2004 Trilogy K-Mart Exclusive Screen Scene
Comments: Like I mentioned, all figures in the CommTech series are still high on my favorites list. But, hey, to me Wuher represents the cantina. I’d love to see an update of this surly barkeep.


Name: Zutton
Figure Status: 2001 POTJ
Comments: I love this figure. The head is huge and the likeness could be better but this figure’s quirkyness is just so endearing!



Well, that’s a good showing. However, there are still more characters that have not been made into figures yet. They are listed below. These are in a CantinaDan’s-Preference order, ie – which characters I want a figure of most. Those toward the bottom are obscure even for this scene. For instance, some you just see the back of their heads. Some were cut from the final film. There are additional patrons who showed up in the Holiday Special but not the original movie, ie – Ket Maliss. I have not included them.


Name: Tzizvvt
Comments: C’mon, how cool would this be?





Name: Baniss Keeg

> Comments: We got Ellors a long time ago. About time we got the other Duros.





Name: Yerka Mig
Comments: Don’t know why, but I like this guy. He’s right there when Han flips Wuher the coin and says: "Sorry about the mess." Plus I love his jacket. I’d totally rock it.




Name: Bom Vimdin
Comments: This guy is pretty iconic and will make a great figure. Surprised we don’t have him yet.





Name: Brea Tonnika
Comments: Very high on fans most wanted lists, including mine. Hopefully when things get sorted out we’ll get a special 2 pack.





Name: Senni Tonnika
Comments: From what Christine Hewett (Brea) says, Senni is the one who is holding up the Tonnika action figures. Obviously something legal as all comments related to this issue are: "We won’t comment on the issue."




Name: Solomahal (Colonel #1)
Comments: This one has whiskers . . . 





Name: Colonel #2
Comments: And this one doesn’t.





Name: Rycard Ryjerd
Comments: This guy is right up front and can be clearly seen when Wuher tells Luke: "We don’t serve their kind." He’d be a cool addition to the cantina figure line up.




Name:Hrcheck Kal Fas
Comments: There were a couple of these "Crockers" in the cantina. Not super high on my list but we should get one eventually.





Name: Sai’torr Kal Fas
Comments: Kinda looks like Bossk, right? Bossk is a Trandoshan and these guys are Saurins (a subspecies of Trandoshan.)





Name: Leesub Sirin
Comments: You only glimpse the back / side of her in the movie but, dang, that’d be a cool figure. She originally went by "weird girl."





Name: Lirin Car’n
Comments: One Bith who wasn’t playing in the band.





Name: Melas
Comments: Poster alien for recycling. Melas is just the back of Ketwol’s head. Wonder what he’s smoking.





Name: Tawss Khaa (Walrus #2)
Comments: This one is bald . . . 





Name: Mosep (Walrus #1)
Comments: And this one has a top knot.





Name: Reegesk
Comments: Basically just a tall rat in a robe.





Name: Swilla Corey
Comments: It’d be cool to get "Local Girl #2."





Name: F’u Man-Chu
Comments: Does anyone know of a better reference shot of this guy?





Name: Garouf Lafoe
Comments: Kinda boring but definitely visible.





Name: Het Nkik
Comments: Jawas represent!





Name: Neesh
Comments: The Rodians must have been having a convention. Greedo was "Martian #1." This is "Martian #2."






 Name: Thuku
Comments: And "Martian #3."





Name: Debnoli
Comments: Sitting right near the entrance. That’s R2 behind his head. Be cool to get a figure of him.





Name: Danz Borin (Spaceman #1)
Comments: Love the spacemen. When we get this figure his removable helmet better have a clear visor!





Name: Spaceman #2
Comments: Good thing Bossk wasn’t in the cantina. They’d both be embarrassed for wearing the same dress. Known to many fans as "Cantina Dude."




Name: Spaceman #3
Comments: Obviously about to move in on a Tonnika.





Name: Spaceman #4
Comments: The "Lost in Space" spaceman.





Name: Gotal
Comments: There was another Gotal in the cantina besides Feltipern. In the final scene this one was wearing more of an officer’s uniform. You see his silhouette walking around a few times.




Name: Ariq Joanson
Comments: At the bar next to the Tonnikas. And, no, I don’t base all the character’s positions based on their vicinity to the Twins.





Name: Merc Sunlet
Comments: You see Merc a couple times.





Name: Jenny
Comments: In a cut scene "Local Girl #1" is sitting next to Han.





Name: Little Aunt Beru
Comments: In real life this actress was the girlfriend of the guy who played Rycard Ryjerd.





Name: Eyvind
Comments: You just see the back of his head as he’s talking with Merc. Or maybe that’s the front. This is the cantina after all.





Name: Local Farmer
Comments: Shouldn’t you be farming?





Name: Ugly Man #1
Comments: Gotta be a boost of confidence to be credited as "Ugly Man #1."





Name: Ugly Man #2
Comments: And even worse to be "Ugly Man #2"!





Name: Beaurocrat #1
Comments: No doubt talking local politics.





Name: Beaurocrat #2
Comments: You know we’re at the end when we get a figure of this guy.





Name: Corellian Pirate
Comments: Pirates are good.





Name: Davelynn Schmee
Comments: One of Jabba’s henchmen. You see his head behind Wuher’s at one point.





Name: Boelo
Comments: Another henchman who has the distinct honor of being at the bottom of my list. But I’d certainly buy him if made!




Its always a highlight of my collecting year when Hasbro sends us new blood for our little cantina displays. I can’t wait to find out which cantina denizen we get next and how many more we’ll eventually see. And, again, it there are errors above I can only echo the immortal words of our favorite bartender: "No blasters!"

Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann
Action figure anthropologist, Professor Cantina Dan Neumann has been a scholastic contributor to the online community studying the complex world of parumplasticus populus {little plastic people} since the turn of this millenium. His primary focus is the visual cataloging of species exhibits through photo-journalism.
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  • ChipCataldo Chip Cataldo says:

    Great list! Wow, that was exhausting just to READ it, I can’t imagine putting it all together.

    BTW, Kitik is a “she.” :-)



  • bnjmnrlyr says:

    Wasn’t there a frog in a berret at some pont? I forget which edition exactly but I seem to recall laughing when I saw it. I mean come on its a frog in a berret!

    Seriously though, you are way more geek than I. Cheers to you Mate! I hope we get all those cantina denizens and then some. I am more of a Jabba’s palace guy myself (which would be a great follow up) but to each his own right?

  • Brian says:

    Great list! I was wondering about this the other day. Oh, by the way – Wioslea is a female.

  • CantinaDan says:

    Thanks, guys!
    Chip and Brian – Thanks for the gender corrections! (There’s probably a better way of putting that.)

  • CantinaDan says:

    Oh, and Ben – are you thinking of Melas?

  • Andrew says:

    I think Zutton was in the Holiday Special, only.

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    Great list Dan. Everyone has their favorite Star Wars crowd scenes. Mine’s the Skirmish at Carkoon. Skiff guards represent!

  • Brian MIller says:

    Very informative. What a compilation. Gotta catch ‘em all!!!

  • Hourman says:

    My Uncle Bob had Pons Limbic for a while. He had to take these big pills and drink lots of water, but eventually it went away.

  • Jim Abell Jim Abell says:

    I really doubt that we’ll see any more cantina figures based on human likenesses. After Wuher and BoShek (which we already have), the Tonnikas are the most likely humans and it doesn’t seem as if that’s going to happen before Hasbro’s license is up (though the rumor mill is saying that Danz Borin is coming later this year, then again, is he human?). That said, Garouf Lafoe would be a nice addition as he’s the one seen informing the Sandtroopers outside of what’s going on in the cantina. Rycard Ryjerd can actually be seen better in an unused shot from Star Wars in the Holiday Special (he’s seen in the streets running from a giant bird-creature). Zutton is also from the Holiday Special, an improvement on the original Snaggletooth mask, though for the record his name should be “Zutmore” as he’s called by name in the script.

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