Step Into…GLYOS
October 6, 2007

Glyos System Series:

Pheyden Phase Version

Excellis Gear’s Edge Version

By ONell Design


by jeremy sung & bill murphy

Welcome to the second column in an ongoing series called “A Discussion that looks Inside the Mind of the Insane Ramblings of Spy Magician & the Fresh Monkey”


SPYMAGICIAN: Today we’re gonna review a great little toy line "Glyos SYSTEM SERIES" by ONell Design. Warning: I will be a bit biased, as it’s a line 100% conceived and financed by my good friend Matt Doughty. It’s not your average mass-market toy line, or even an "indy" toy line but something really unique.  


FRESH MONKEY:I thought there was a pretty good selection for wave 01. Considering they are basically the same sculpts There are 6 figures based on 2 characters and all look vastly different.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Yes, it’s amazing what you can do with creative use of color using the same basic molds. Only 2 sets of unique heads and torsos and you get a pretty wild selection of figures. The use of molded color, especially the clear is great.  

FRESH MONKEY: Yeah, I mean they could have done just 2 figures but they did the right thing by trying to create a solid line-up for their 1st wave.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Indeed. More characters, more interaction. Plus you have to point out that these are 100% original characters that Matt Doughty came up with. Original toys designed just to be toys are a rarity in this age of licensed characters.  

FRESH MONKEY: This is true, you really don’t see that at all these days, especially for figures that ARE not just one-offs. He really went ALL out, each figure comes with it’s own trading card and unique packaging that explains who the characters are.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Indeed. Hopefully the line will expand. I know Matt has at least 2 other characters in the works and more characters, with interchangeable parts would really make the line take off.  

FRESH MONKEY: We only have 2 pieces for this review but you can tell they tried to make the line as diverse as they could.





SPYMAGICIAN: The style is unique. Matt has a very strong sci-fi feel to his characters, with a lot of Retro-Japanese influence. I especially like Pheyden as he’s got a neat skull look, yet seems friendly and cute… For an Alien…  

FRESH MONKEY: Yeah, they are pretty unique looking.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Excellis has a look that reminds me of G1 Transformers with a more organic feel (which makes the customizer in me think his head would work really well as a head swap for a Beast Wars Transformer…)  

FRESH MONKEY: Hahahahhaha.  

FRESH MONKEY: They even went so far as to put a hole in the right hand of the figure in case you want to give him a gun, This is surprising considering they are made out of resin I believe.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Yes, it’s an unusual material. Some sort of PVC Resin as I understand it. MUCH tougher than your traditional resins, as that amazing "wall & road test" video shows!  


FRESH MONKEY: There is a lot of Articulation here, 12 points.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Yes! Despite the fact that the material and production precludes ball joints (something I know Matt LOVES). Very poseable for a little figure, especially compared to most "indy" or "artist" toys.  

FRESH MONKEY: Yeah, I would have liked a few ball joints but maybe the material made that impossible.  

SPYMAGICIAN: True (again the customizer inside is saying, "come on punk, why don’t you add your own joints?)  

FRESH MONKEY: Well you can try. 🙂  

FRESH MONKEY: The one thing that I feel I should mention is that they really added articulation in places that they didn’t really have to. This makes these MUCH better figures, they could have easily only had 5 points, but they went all out.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Indeed. Matt is a stickler for quality and really wants to make a good toy and not just a quick buck.  


SPYMAGICIAN: Well, despite the fact that these are collectors’ toys, they’re fun. Accessories would make for more playability, but the size and articulation just scream "fun!" I think the real playability will come when a few more figures are released and you can take advantage of the interchangeable joints.  

FRESH MONKEY: Yeah, the scale really helps with this….it says ‘look I’m a fun cute little toy and I’m also an alien that will kill you." The interchangeable joints is also a good point. Even though the figures are resin based, the joints do pop off, so you can swap them with other figures. This also adds to the overall fun.  


FRESH MONKEY: These are retailing for $10.00. I think it’s a tad over priced, sure it’s a low run cause they are 100% original characters but $7.00 would have been better. $10.00 is about as high as I would go. It’s a catch 22, on one hand it’s great that wave 01 has 6 figures in the line up, but one the other that’s $60.00 for a full set So if you’re a completist that’s a lot of cash for something this small.  

SPYMAGICIAN: True. A special set price deal would be good. $10 is a "magic" price point, in that people balk when they see a toy is $10 or above. Still, considering it’s fully self-funded and independent, folks should consider that they are supporting one man’s dream and not some faceless corporation (cue inspirational music)  

FRESH MONKEY: Yeah your right, when your right your right. I am willing to pay a tad more cause it’s something different but $10.00 is right at that point, If you’re a fan of toys, this is the thing you really need to support. Cause if not we’ll be living in the land of expensive licensed toy properties FOREVER.  

SPYMAGICIAN: And being right is half the battle! (no wait…)  



FRESH MONKEY I think they well hit the mark with these figures, not too many misses here, as I said 1 or 2 ball joints would have been great, but I understand why they couldn’t make that work.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Indeed. The use of color breaks is brilliant; focusing on molded color makes the end result more "toy like" and durable.  


FRESH MONKEY: This is a really cool collectible line of figures that really supports the independent toy maker. If you’re a fan of toys you should support this line, even if you don’t buy the whole set.  

SPYMAGICIAN: 100% agreed. The future of the line is huge. I’d love to see accessory packs with alternate heads, weapon arms, specialized boots (tank treads, etc) which would take advantage of the interchangeability and avoid the problem of handheld accessories.  

FRESH MONKEY: Also I wanted to mention the packaging. Again I’m not a big fan of packaging as I open all my stuff, but they really did a nice job here. The small boxes are great, plus you can put the figure back in the package after you open it in case you want to store it.  


FRESH MONKEY: That’s all you man  

SPYMAGICIAN: Nothing to fix! LOL!    

FRESH MONKEY: HAHAHAHAHhahaa. Okay then.  

SPYMAGICIAN: Seriously!  

FRESH MONKEY: Alrighty.  


FRESH MONKEY:I think you can only get these online at :   Plus you can also check out ONell’s Design blog here:

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