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March 3, 2010













SUNDOWN Review of LOST episode

Previously on Lost, all sorts of stuff happened to Sayid. He got shot. He seemed dead. He drowned. He dead. He alive. Sayid, Sayid, Sayid. I think it’s going to be a Sayid episode.


In sideways LA we watch Sayid get out of a cab at a house in LA. We see Nadia and her children! But not Sayid and Nadia’s children. They call him Uncle Sayid. Uncle Sayid? Inside the house, some dude asks Sayid if he brought flowers for his wife. Sayid says dude can have them if he wants. Turns out it’s Sayid’s brother, Omar.
They sit down for dinner. Sayid is working for an oil company interpreting contracts. His brother takes a call. “Dinner is over,” he says. “This is business.” Nadia looks concerned. Omar leaves, and Nadia asks Sayid if he got her letters. He says he did, but he never wrote back. Nadia’s kids run in with the picture of Nadia that Sayid was keeping in his bag. Busted! Omar looks pissed.
Meanwhile, on the island, Sayid storms into the torture chamber and asks Dogen about the machine that he used to determine Sayid was infected. Dogen breaks it down: each man has a scale, good and evil and all that, and Sayid’s tipped the wrong way. So Dogen thinks it would be best if Sayid were dead. Sayid disagrees.
You don’t know me, homie.says Sayid. Then Dogen flips him! Flips him for real. They get it on. They throw stuff and hit each other with stuff. It’s pretty cool. I’m always amazed at what a great fighter Sayid is. It looks like he’s holding his own but then Dogen throws him on a table and is going to stab him when his precious baseball rolls off the desk and he stops short of killing Sayid. “Go. Leave this place. Never come back.” Sayid leaves.
Outside the outer wall of the temple in the jungle, Smokey Locke and Claire are hanging out. Right at their feet is a line of ash. Claire wants to know why Locke is sending her. He says he can’t go himself. Apparently, the ash still has bad juju for Smokey Locke. Claire says she’ll do it to get Aaron back. Smokey Locke says he always does what he says he will. Claire asks if he’s gonna hurt peoples.

“Only the ones who won’t listen.”


In sideways LA, Omar wakes Sayid up, and Sayid freaks out. Turns out Omar is in trouble. He borrowed money for his business from some bad dudes and now they want a piece of everything. Sayid says he’ll pay them, but Omar wants Sayid to put the hurt on them and convince them to leave him alone.. Sayid declines. Omar says he knows what kind of guy Sayid really is. But Sayid says he’s not that guy anymore.
At the temple, Sayid runs into Miles on his way to banishment. Sayid doesn’t understand why Dogen brought him back to life for this crap. Miles says they’re not the ones who brought Sayid back. He says Sayid was real dead, for real. And that Dogen and Hippie dude were as surprised as Miles was to see Sayid come back.
Claire chooses this moment to stroll into the Temple. Her friend wants Dogen to come to him. Dogen says her friend will kill him if he leaves. Claire tells him to send someone that her friend won’t kill. Cool, says Dogen. He tells hippie dude to go get Shephard and Reyes. Funny thing is, they’re gone and the Others can’t seem to find them. Dogen is pissed and tells hippie dude to look harder. He then asks Sayid to hang for a hot second.
Back inside the Temple, Dogen tells Sayid that Dude Known As Smokey Locke is evil. “Evil incarnate,” in fact. He gives Sayid a short sword or knife to kill Smokey Locke from some box he had burried in a potted plant. He tells Sayid that the person will appear as someone Sayid knows, someone who is dead. He tells Sayid to plunge the knife deep into Dude’s chest, as opposed to brushing Dude’s hair or clipping Dude’s nails with it. He tells Sayid that if Dude speaks before the plunging part, it’s too late. Sayid want to know why he would do all this for Dogen. “You said you’re good. Prove it.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Back in sideways LA, Sayid is hanging with the niece and nephew. He says he’s only there for a couple more days, than off to Toronto. They want Uncle Sayid to stay as they board the bus for school. Nadia runs out to tell Sayid that Omar, is in the hospital.
They rush to the hospital. They walk by Jack! But Jack is not their doctor. Their doctor tells them that Omar has a punctured lung and stuff. Turns out he was mugged, i.e., beat up by the thugs he borrowed money from. Nadia tells Sayid to go home and take care of the kids, not find those thugs and kick ass. Sayid is like OOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY.
Outside the Temple, Sayid runs into Kate. You leaving, Sayid? He tells her to talk to Miles. She does. Miles surprises her with the news that Claire is back. “She just strolled in here a couple hours ago, acting all weird,” says Miles. “Still hot, though.” Kate wants to see for herself.
In the jungle, Sayid is surrounded by the rustling of trees and other dramatic stuff that we’ve come to expect from a Smokey Smoke Monster arrival. No surprises in this episode so far. Smokey Locke appears. “Hello, Sayid.” Sayid lets him talk first! Then Sayid plunges the knife into Smokey Locke’s chest.
It didn’t work.
We rejoin Sayid and Smokey, who gives Sayid his knife back. No hard feelings. Smokey asks Sayid what he knows about him. Sayid relates the evil incarnate thing. “Well, sorry for you,” says Smokey. Why? Smokey explains that Dogen knew this crap wouldn’t work, and thought Smokey would kill Sayid. “Shame on you for being talked into it so easily,” says Smokey the Guilt-Tripping Monster.
So what do you want to talk me into, then, asks Sayid. Smokey wants Sayid to deliver a message. Why not Claire? Because it would mean a lot more if it came from you, says Smokey.

Then Smokey gets into deal-with-the-devil mode and asks Sayid, you know, what if you could have whatever you want. And Sayid is like, that’s not possible. And Smokey is like, what if it is. And Sayid is like, what I want died in my arms. And Smokey is like, I feel you, but what if I could fix that for you, playa. Sayid is like, I’m all ears.

Is this the most predictable episode ever?

Back in sideways LA, Nadia returns to her house to find Sayid fixing a vase broken by the boomerang he brought to them from Australia. Good news: Omar is okay. Sayid says he can settle their debt, but Nadia says that’s O’s problem. Nadia asks Sayid why he pushed her toward his brother, especially Sayid is still simpin with her picture on him all the time. Sayid says he doesn’t deserve her. I’m a loner, Nadia. A rebel.
Temple time! Sayid returns from his Smokey meeting with a message for the people: Jacob’s dead, there’s a (Smokey) man who’s going to leave the island, go to him by sundown or die. Dogen’s like, this story sucks. The stewardess from Flight 815, Cindy, isn’t loving it either.

In other news, after putting the hurt on hippie dude, Kate finds Claire. They exchange hellos. Claire says she’s here for her baby. Kate’s like, ah. I took him. I took him off the island. You weren’t around. I raised him. It’s all good. He’s super cool. I want to get you guys back together. Claire is not feeling this story! Kate wants to rescue Claire, but Claire says she’s not the one who needs rescuing.
“He’s coming, Kate.”
Who’s coming? Most Predictable Episode Ever!
After Sayid’s speech and the news about Jacob, people are leaving the Temple left and right. Hippie dude, who has recovered from Kate’s assault, tries to keep them there, but who’s going to listen to a hippie? C’mon son.
Back to sideways LA, a black SUV with super dark tinted windows comes for Sayid, and Andre Agassi gets out to threaten Sayid and the kids. Actually it’s Omar from the freighter (not to be confused with Omar, Sayid’s brother – you’d think the writers could come up with more than two arabic names). Sayid goes along with him. They drive to a dark, sketchy kitchen. Some guy is there, making eggs. “Want some eggs?” That guy! Is! KEAMY!
“Martin Keamy.”
“Sayid Jarrah, but you already know that.”
“That I do.”
Keamy gets his Christopher Walken/Frank White on here. He asks how Omar is doing. He’s being a tough guy. “It’s a dangerous world, Sayid. You know that cause you’re from Iraq.” Totally. Keamy talks greazy for a bit, until Sayid can’t take it anymore and starts shooting and killing these fake-ass gangstas. You know how Sayid gets down for his. Soon, only Keamy is left. He offers to forgive the debt, but Sayid doesn’t. He shoots Keamy, too.
Then he hears noises in the other room. Sayid investigates and it’s! Jin! He’s tied to a chair and looks like Keamy’s boys were working him over before Sayid sent them to hell. Sayid asks what the deal is, but Jin can’t speak English. Remember? Okay, the Keamy thing was not predictable, points for that one.

We see Dogen chillin by the Dirty Water Pool of Life as Sayid stop by to hang. “You let him talk to you,” says Dogen. Sayid says he stabbed him in the chest, then let him talk. But Smokey talked first, technically, so I wonder if that matters.
Sayid asks Dogen why he tried to have him killed, not once but twice. Dogen decides to open up a bit. Turns out he was a successful businessman in Osaka, he got wasted one Friday night after work, he picked up his son from baseball, he got into a car accident, he killed his son. Then a guy told him he could save his son if he came to the island and never saw his son again. That guy was Jacob.
“Jacob drives a hard bargain,” says Sayid. Dogen says he figures that Smokey offered Sayid a similar bargain. Yup. Dogen asks Sayid if he’s going to stay or go. Stay, says Sayid. Then in the most unexpected moment of the episode, Sayid drowns Dogen in the water. Hippie dude stops by. He’s frantic! He says Dogen was the only thing keeping Smokey out of the Temple. “I know,” says Sayid. Then he slits hippie dude’s throat and leaves him and Dogen in the pool. Good riddance to any characters we didn’t meet before Season 6!
Guess what time it is. It’s sundown. And you know what that means. Smokey Smoke the Smoke Monster of Smoke is here and ready to get busy.
As Smokey starts the predictable business of beating and killing people while making all sorts of noises, Kate and Miles flee in separate directions. Kate goes after Claire. Miles runs into Ilana, Frank and Ben. Ben goes after Sayid, who’s not interested in leaving.
Ilana finds Jacob’s secret tunnel and gets her crew to safety in the nick of time. But not before Miles tells Sun that Jin is alive and in the jungle looking for her.

In the aftermath of rampant Smokey death and destruction, Claire is chillin. Sayid is chillin. Kate picks up a gun, still somewhat out of the loop. Smokey Locke and Sayid meet again. Smokey gives him the “What’s Poppin” look. Claire gives Smokey the “What’s Goody Good” look. Kate gives Smokey Locke the “Locke?” look. Smokey Locke is like, wha? Sayid is like, Holla. Kate is like, WTF? Smokey is like, let’s ride. And everyone marches off into the jungle.


The good news is, no more Temple! That means nowhere to hide. We’re back to some wild island rules. And this time, the Smoke Monster has a posse. It’s also interesting to see more and more characters interact in sideways LA. When will we find out the significance of that seemingly alternate universe?
The bad news was that this was a very very predictable episode.

The good news is that next week looks awesome. A Ben episode! Ben episodes are, IMHO, always the best of the season. Can’t wait.

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  • kevfett says:

    It was good to see Sayid being a badass again. Something tells me he aims to doublecross Smokey the Monster.

    I didn’t like it at first but I’m really enjoying sideways LA.

  • Shellhead says:

    Gotta disagree on the predictability of this episode. I was pretty shocked to see Sayid go so Dark Side.
    However, he did leave those two in the Magic Pool, so maybe, just maybe, Sayid is playing Smokey because he knows those two will resurface alive later.
    Or maybe Sayid is just evil now. He’s been walking that tightrope for the entire series, so I guess he had to fall off sooner or later.

    • kevfett says:

      I’m not sure I’d call what Sayid did was evil. They did try to have him killed twice. I like his moxie!

  • Glenn Moss Glenn2000 says:

    I’ve rewatched the episode 3 times now and the way Sayid looked at Smokey Locke when he came out of the temple was just plain spooky.

    Can’t say as I blame him for doing in Hippie and Dogen.

    Wonder how Island Sayid will interact with sideways Sayid. Will Nadia still be married to Omar? Will her little girl get her eyebrows plucked so she doesn’t have a unibrow?

    So many questions. So few answers.

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