Super Powers Highlight – Desaad
May 1, 2011

Wow, really?  Another edition of The Super Powers Highlight, so soon after the last one?

Yes, you’re right…I must be sick.  

Today we’ll be looking at the right-hand toady of one of your more major villains…Grima Wormtongue…err…I mean, DESAAD!  Darkseid’s torture master was indeed part of the Super Powers line from Kenner toys back in the mid-1980’s, and when looking around my display hoping to be inspired to write another blog I realized I had a small Desaad focus amongst my collection.   Desaad, along with the rest of the Series 2 characters released was a major reason why the line was eventually canceled.  If you want to be cute you could say that he tortured the line to a slow retail death.

However, since I’m not keen on acting cute…to the pics! 

First up we have a regular loose Desaad figure along side his DC Universe Classics counterpart.  The Four Horsemen did an amazing job on the sculpt, yeas?  Upon looking at this picture again I noticed that Desaad is fashionably wearing his skirt down low on his hips.  He must be from Los Angeles.


This is a fun oddball piece that I just love…the "Surplus Desaad."  This was obviously sold from a big bin in a Sears department store, where random loose catalog overstock figures had price tags directly attached to them for sale at retail.


The first release of Desaad was included with the second series of figures, and the card is a 23-back.  This is the rarer of the two retail store releases of the figure.  The company had problems with the mechanism and thus the bulk of the production was released well after the 2nd wave had shipped to stores.  As such, this release is rarer than the subsequent 33-back.



The above being true makes the Desaad mini-comic one of the rarest to find on the collector market, with Steppenwolf and the non-numbereds making up the other 5 rare ones.


The 33-back release is the more common of the two US Desaads, and the much nicer display piece, IMHO.



The above "Surplus Desaad" probably originated from this example below.  Figures sold via store catalogs were sent this way, as a baggied figure stapled to a backing card.  Only a handful of characters have surfaced on the collector market this way, and they are very difficult to come by.


At first glance this next piece seems to be a common Kenner Canada release of Desaad, but if you flip it over it’s revealed to be something much more special…an Australian retail product.


The back of the card has this sticker affixed over the Superman Cape Offer.  The only figures I’ve seen turn up with this sticker are Red Tornado, Desaad, Hawkman and Joker.  


Super Powers proof cards are very tough to find, and Desaad is no exception.  Of particular note is this early 23-back proof with many errors on the card.  Obvious ones to see are the lack of the word "figure" under the Desaad logo and the incorrect skin tone on the weasel himself.  How was this designated to be corrected, you ask?  Read on!


Here’s how!  This is a 23-back cromalin for Desaad, with proof marks and changes to be made written with a grease pen/crayon/marker over scotch tape affixed to the front.  Cromalins are a plastic-like material, so without the tape the writing wouldn’t stick.  Most times only one front & back cromalin per unique card design was produced, so they are extremely rare to find.



I still can’t believe I have all this Desaad stuff, but it was really enjoyable to put this blog together.  I appreciate everyone checking it out…so thanks very much for reading.  Until next time!



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  • demoncat says:

    interesting to find out that Desaad not only had a couple versions released due to the first one having trouble with the action but also became a sears unbox figure. plus the fact that his mini comic is on the rare list is interesting. nice bit of history again.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    So, were the New Gods really responsible for killing the line? That’s always just been a theory of mine.

  • Sector1014 says:

    Darkseid and Desaad make everything they touch better.

    (Good stuff Chip. I’m curious how you figure out all the details/facts related to production runs, etc.)

    • Chip Cataldo says:

      All the info I have is just from talking to fellow collectors and the few big-time dealers that purchased a lot of the pre-production stuff from former employees. You have to be obsessed. LOL. 🙂

  • hey Chip,

    I’ve been looking for you.


  • Chip, I’m looking for an update on the money you owe me. Can you e-mail me?

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