Super Powers Highlight – Estrela Joker
January 18, 2010

Hellay hellay! (Bonus points for anyone who knows what that’s from!)  Welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight! 

In this installment we take a look at a piece that, as of this writing, is the only one yet to be seen in the collecting community : the Estrela Joker.  Estrela is actually a pretty odd entity in the Super Powers world.  A Brazilian company that had the license for all the Kenner characters, they released an odd mix of Waves 2 and 3 after producing Wave 1 in it’s entirety.  The only characters released from Wave 2 were Darkseid and Green Arrow, and the only characters released from Wave 3 were Plastic Man, Shazam, and Cyborg.  A further odd occurrence is that the Wave 3 characters all were released with corresponding comics!  The comics are exclusive to Estrela’s line only and were not released anywhere else world-wide.  One wonders if there were comics for all the 3rd series characters before that plan was scrapped to get what were eventually did from Kenner.

Joker, if course, is from Wave 1 and part of the "12-back" release of characters.  However, the carded example from Estrela is actually a 10-back, and the later releases (a 17-back) have Luthor and Green Lantern grouped in with them.  So, it’s safe to assume the Wave 1 from Estrela Super Powers consisted of 10 characters.  It’s also not known if Joker was re-released on a 17-back card.  Hopefully one will turn up in the future to confirm this theory.  Okay, now on to the pictures!


The card art is showcased very nicely, as there were no offers in the lower right corner as on the Kenner releases.  It’s almost as if this would have been the Kenner 3rd series presentation with both the comic book and the complete unobscured character art.


The quality of the figure itself is probably the closest to the American Kenner release, right on par with Kenner Canada and the European releases from General Mills.  Paint work is nice and clean, and the figure looks to be an exact replica of the Kenner version.  Not so with Gulliver, Pacipa or Playful…that’s for sure.  🙂


Pretty clean paint lines on the face, as well.  The bubbles are average in quality, and maybe a bit better than that…it’s tough to judge since they were released into a climate a bit more extreme than ours as far as heat & humidity.


The 10-back card back…I see the top row has 4 out of 5 bars and pretty good cell reception right now.  😉


A close-up of the figures (and vehicles) from Wave 1 : Robin, Batman, Superman, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Penguin, Joker, Aquaman, Brainiac, and Flash.  Of those…Penguin, Brainiac, Superman, Batman & Robin have never turned up for sale on the collector’s market.  It’s unknown whether any have survived MOC or not.  The fun part about collecting is that one could turn up tomorrow!  You never know what awaits when you wake up each day, eh? 

Sadly, no Engrish here.  However, if you speak Poruguese…knock yourself out.


One thing I think is a funny coincidence is that the foreign translations of "Joker" all contain an "o" somewhere so they can still use the same example as in the English-speaking countries with the little Joker head as the inside of the "o" itself.  Super Amigos is "El Guason" and Estrela is "o Coringa."  They got lucky, for sure.  

I hope y’all enjoyed this entry into the Super Powers Highlight blog series.  I really enjoy putting these things together and bringing images online of things that have never been shown before or been given a proper showcase in words and pictures.  If you have thoughts in this particular blog, the blog in general, or suggestions for future entries please let me know.  I do appreciate the feedback.  There are lots of cool things coming down the pipeline for my little corner of the Action Figure Insider, so stay tuned for more!


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  • Superman95 says:

    Well, the spanish translate of “Joker” for Latin america had two versions: the comic books published in mexico named him “El Comodin”, while the TV series dubb called him “Guasón”. The later name was the most used in every media until now. Greetings. And by the way, Gulliver never released the villains figures.

  • DiegoSanches says:

    Hi. I’m brazilian and I used to have one of those when I was a kid. I had both batman, robin and the batmobile also.

    I’ll try to translate the text in the back:

    The Joker
    The sinister clown of crime!

    The Joker is Justice League most dangerous enemy and he’s laughter is recognized by Batman from a distance.
    He got his sinister face when chased inside a cards factory and fell into a tank full of chemicals.
    His “brilhant” mind is capable of planing almost perfect crimes.
    His secret identity: unknown

    He is deadly and completely crazy.
    Feels a terrible temptation of making crimes.
    He’s arch-enemies are Batman and Robin.

    yes, it’s poorly written in portuguese too…

  • Lightsource says:

    So were the mini-comics bi-lingual or all in Portuguese?

  • chad says:

    interesting that the card back calls him oguringa and the penquin is pingum not to mention that the version is rare that that is the only one found so far. a cool piece. not to mention the batman robin and superman and the penquin and brainiac of the line have never shown up in the market. yet they have to exist if they are shown on the card back and were in wave one.

  • jimm says:

    Really cool variation, wonder how many more hidden gems will pop up. Time to find a Brazilian PenPal.

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