Super Powers Highlight – European Tri-Linguals
July 9, 2009

Welcome to Day Four of "Impromptu Super Powers Gallery Week!"  It’s Euro-Disney time!   Okay, that was lame, but do you know how difficult it is to write concurrent witty opening statements for days on end?  It’s damn tough, I tells ya.  Today we serve up a healthy helping of European goodness, both with "Free Poster" stickers and without.  As you can tell, the cards are much smaller than their US counterparts…with what looks to be Spanish, German and English language on them.  Hey, that might be where I got the "Tri-Lingual" moniker from, eh?  Every figure was probably released with and without the sticker, tho not all of them have surfaced in the collecting community as of yet.  Here’s what I’ve got so far, and of particular note is the Lex Luthor…the crappiest condition figure I own.  It’s a turd, but hey…I’m happy to have him as a permanent resident.  I’ve only seen one other example and it’s in just as turdy of shape.  Okay, enough about turd-boy-Luthor…pretty picture time, so enjoy! 












The following pictures are of figures I don’t have in my possession, but were won on eBay by me from a seller in Germany.  After a few weeks post-payment of me not receiving anything and not getting any answer to my numerous attempts at contact, I filed a Paypal claim and thankfully was fully refunded.  However, I would rather have had the figures.  As you can see they are in case-fresh condition.  I saved the photos, regardless, and include them here for the sake of completeness. 




We close out "Gallery Week" tomorrow with the Lily Ledy Wonder Woman (both versions), the Nibo Penguin, and some miscellaneous coolness for your viewing pleasure.  See you then!



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  • Joe G. says:

    Those are great, Chip. Do you know of any non-First Wave figures who found their way onto tri-lingual cards? That sucks that that seller punked out on you. Those would’ve been beautiful additions to your already impressive collection.

    I really like that the tri-linguals come with both the mini-comic and the poster. I wonder if the mini-comics are in any language other than English. I’d love to have a German Flash mini-comic.

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