Super Powers Highlight – Firestorm 33-back Toy Fair Sample
October 29, 2010

Howdy howdy!  Welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight.  Today I’ll be focusing on one of the latest additions to my collection, the Firestorm 33-back carded sample used at Toy Fair in 1986 to sell that year’s product to retailers.

This also debuts a kind-of change for the highlight.  I have so many things to showcase that I’m being daunted a bit on coming up with a lot of text for each article.  I’ve decided that it’s easier to just caption the pictures and take as many pictures as I can.  If there’s anyone still reading my blogs, please pipe up if you like, dislike or have a different suggestion that would allow me to blog more with less effort yet still remain entertaining and informative.  I’d certainly appreciate it.

Now, on to the subject-at-hand…

It’s really a shame no photos exist of the Super Powers Toy Fair display when they unveiled the 33-back card style.  That must have been damn impressive. This is one of two known carded samples of Firestorm known to exist.  The other is virtually flawless in condition, especially when compared to this show-used example.


Rips in corners where velcro circles were applied to hang on the display at Toy Fair.


Hand-cut bubble applied to the card.  Regular production figure (note copyright on inner thigh).  Lack of inner tray.


Comparison with regular production release Firestorm 33-back.


Close-up of hole punch differences denoting proof card usage for the carded sample.


Close-up of bubble differences.


Comparison with Samurai carded sample from the same Toy Fair showing the velcro circles.


The three carded samples currently in my collection.


Thanks again for following along!  Until next time…



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  • texgnome1 says:

    Nice addition Chip. It’s always amazing to see stuff like this. What REALLY gets me is Darkseid’s fortress on the back there. I’ve seen lots of pictures of it, but was it ever actually produced? Now THAT would be a blog I’d love to see – history of that item.

    As far as the blog in general, as long as it’s titled Super Powers Highlight I think you’ll find an audience lol. I know I’m interested – this line is what sparked my love affair with DC. Before the toys and the related commertoon, I knew Batman, Robin and Superman.

  • demoncat says:

    cool editon for rarely do collectors manage to get the display used at toy fair to sell the product to retailers you have a rare thing. including plastic man being on a batman thing. as for darkside fortress to my knowledge it was never produced. only made it to prototype then the line died.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Chip, love these. In general, the blog needs to be something you want to do for yourself. Sometimes I pour a ton of effort into it and get zero responses. As for this blog, the coolest part is learning something new about the line. I’d like to hear an update on the SP Archive type project you mentioned you were working on a while back.

  • Neil says:

    I still have my superpower figures (about 20 of them) and firestorm was one of them. Absolutely loved them as a 8 yr old kid. theywere pure gold.

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Cool stuff! Tons of text isn’t necessary. Me like pictures!

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