Super Powers Highlight – Lily Ledy and Nibo
July 10, 2009

Well, sadly we’ve come to the final day of "Impromptu Super Powers Gallery Week."  However, there’s something extra-special for you today…two rare figures that (as far as I know) don’t exist in online image form at any site other than right here.  The Lily Ledy company out of Mexico produced the "Super Podores" line…and yet the Wonder Woman is the only one to surface carded so far.  It’s a pretty bizarre circumstance since they obviously produced other figures, and loose examples of those have turned up.  The Wonder Woman also has a variant that exists to the card back, with one version having a "guarantee" of some sort in a text block while the other one does not have it at all.  Both card backs are pictured here. I’ve also included pictures of some Lily Ledy "overstock parts" which were apparently part of a huge find a few years back of mostly Star Wars pieces.  I only have heads of Flash & Wonder Woman, but I’ve got some Batman torsos, Joker legs, Flash legs, and generally other body pieces you’d only find in a morgue.

Nibo (country unknown by me, but looks to be Latin American in origin) is in the same boat.  From the back of the card they obviously produced quite a few figures, yet The Penguin is the only character to have shown up through all the years people have collected Super Powers.  Odd, odd, and yes…quite odd.  The Nibo line is also unique in that there is no character artwork on the front of the card, and the back of the card is in black & white (or grey, technically).  

Finally, because it’s on a bi-lingual Canadian card and fits the "theme" of the week, I included a new picture of my Plastic Man carded sample that I highlighted in a previous blog.  To the photos!










Thanks for visiting all this week, and I hope y’all have enjoyed everything I’ve shown.  It’s been fun!




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  • chad says:

    nice article makes me wonder since only wonder woman and penquin have been the only ones to pop up from the companies found where the others in the lines even released. or even exist at all. the heads on a nail are a little creepy.

  • juan jaime muñoz garcia says:

    Greetings CHIP.

    Your quick review of the LILI-LEDY’s SUPER PODERES collection looks to need a little input.
    Needless to say, let me help you with some.

    back in 1985, LILILEDY was getting out of toy bisness, due to my country (MEXICO) bad economics. before thwy went out temporarily out, the produced the Mexican versions of what you already know.

    The line up of the toys produced only in one year were: wave 1-SUPERMAN, BATMAN(the hardest to find), FLASH, LEX LUTHOR & WONDER WOMAN, and for wave 2-AQUAMAN and ROBIN(the 2nd hardest to find); as for the vehicles, only the LEX SOAR-7 was available.

    There are rumors among fellow collectors that HAWKMAN and BRAINIAC were also produced, but up to this moment the rumors have ended to be fake.

    The backcard you point out indeed has a variation; in the 1rst wave there is no “GARANTIA” printed, but in the 2nd wave it was printed.

    There should be noted that for the 2nd wave, besides ROBIN & AQUAMAN, all the previous figures were re-released, but with a card with a lower quality printing. The hardest to find in the 2nd wave was SUPERMAN, BATMAN (again) and LUTHOR.
    another point of your interest may be that ROBIN came with a BATMAN mini-comic, this making only 6 mini-comics to be released within the figures.

    so that’s it. LILILEDY gave us awesome figures back then. Now that company produce BIKES. go figure.
    hope to read you soon somewhere and thank u for sharing.
    JUAN J. Muñoz a.k.a. janmugar prime

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