Super Powers Highlight – Super Amigos Hawkman and Brainiac
January 10, 2010

As promised…another blog! Yes, I know…so soon after the first one of the year, too! Well, let me tell you, it’s exhausting work bragging…errr, BLOGGING about the cool stuff I’ve acquired for my collection. It really satisfies my huge ego…errr, makes me humbled to share with my fellow like-minded brethren.

Up for showcasing today are both the Pacipa Brainiac & Playful Hawkman…"The Bubble Boys."  I decided to feature them together because they both share a trait unique from all the other Super Powers figures released worldwide over the years…contoured bubbles based on the shape of the figure.  Visuals work far better than words, so I’ll just show ya what I’m talking about as I blather on…

Seeing how he’s the newer arrival to my collection, here’s good ol’ Katar himself :


Okay, first off we’ll check out the bubble…it’s a rather "angelic" shape, and actually pretty sturdy to the touch. Both Pacipa and Playful have solid bubbles IMHO, and are not nearly as susceptible to yellowing as the third series of Super Powers from Kenner.  The problem with the bubble is that it’s huge, and the only way it can be placed on the card is such to obscure the artwork.  The reason that happens is because of the (once again) different style guide artwork that skews toward the center of the card.


It also surprised me to find one in this nice of shape, because the other two times I’ve seen pictures of this one (both Mike Mensinger and Derek Ho have one), either the bubble was crushed or the card was severely water damaged.  I believe there are only these three known to exist, but as always one could pop up on eBay tomorrow.

A closeup of  the head showcases the usual Amigos paint rub :


This Hawkman sports the Playful Super Amigos 6-back card, which I don’t think I’ve seen before.  If those six characters were the only ones produced initially, then this Hawkman would indeed be the first character I’ve acquired on this card back.  I’ve seen a Flash and a Luthor for sale before, tho, so hopefully more will surface in the future.


"These are the Halcon days of our youth."

"Listen Hombre…this town ain’t big enough for the two of us!"

"Con mis super alas poor Yorik, I knew him well!"



Okay, I think I got the punniness/cheesiness out of my system for now. Y’all hope so, eh?

On to one of my favorite items in my collection, hands-down: The Super Amigos Brainiac.  Ever since I first saw a picture of this guy, I wanted one.  Brainiac is probably my favorite Super Powers figure, mostly because I love the redesign of the character and I love the menacing pose on the artwork.  So, between the shaped bubble and the 100% chrome job on him…wow.  The Super Amigos release is just a perfect carded presentation in my book.  


Here’s a close-up of the bubble shape.  I’d have loved to see other characters done up like this…I think it really showcases the figure better than a square bubble, tho you’re again sacrificing some of the character artwork on the card.  It’s a tough trade-off, for sure, since the artwork on the card is the main reason why both myself and nearly everyone else collects MOC Super Powers.


A face only a mother could love, but a damn good sculpt and one that still holds up extremely well to this day.


Different card artwork!  Yup, I just noticed it while taking the photos for this blog.  I checked my 12-back, 23-back, 33-back proof, and Trilingual carded examples in my collection.  This is the only MOC version of Brainiac to feature the "kicking your ass" impact burst.  Of course, this now can only mean one thing…I’ve gotta help Joe G. hunt one down.  😉


Another thing I noticed while taking pictures for this blog is that the top of  Brainiac’s head is not translucent…it’s also completely chromed  like the rest of the figure.  This is also unique to this release, but not surprising given how the Super Amigos Cyborg was produced for most of that figure’s run.


Yup, this figure is my sweet, sweet puntapie!  Just don’t tell the girlfriend, eh?  She might get jealous.


Okay, I promise I’ll take a break from Super Amigos and focus on something else.  Hee hee…I can’t help it, though.  When I first decided to jump into collecting MOC Super Powers I never thought I’d have one foreign figure except for the Pacipa Riddler.  Man, they sure turned out to be addicting once I started down that path!  Thanks for reading my blog, and look for another highlight soon.



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  • NoisyDvL5 says:

    Brainiac is one of my favorites too. I’ve always been partial to that design too.

    I love the shaped bubbles, very cool.

  • Joe G. says:

    Those are in amazing shape. I think I’ll pass on the SA Brainiac, though. The art’s still basically the same. But keep an eye out for Hawkman, wouldja? 😉

  • Jason Geyer says:

    Great blog, but more importantly: awesome pictures!

    These are really, really nice, man.

  • chad says:

    cool seeing those two and if only three of the hawkman with that type of bubble are known to exist that makes the thing a rare piece . for amazing how the bubble actuly matches the figure.

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