Super Powers Highlight – Super Amigos Revisited!
January 16, 2011

Hello to all you Super Powers nuts out there!  Today I’ve got a rather large chunk of meat for y’all to chew on, since I’ve decided to expand (in all senses of the word) upon my blog from wayyy back in July of 2009 and turn the spotlight back on the Colleccion Super Amigos figures released in Argentina from Cuick S.A. (Pacipa/Playful).  The blog sported a mere 17 photos, and two of those were place-holders for items that hadn’t even arrived in the mail yet.  Weighing in at a whopping 28 photos and containing some actual information, I feel that this was a better entry to have permanently here at AFi for those wanting to learn the small bit of stuff known about this (kinda) popular line.

Cuick, the company that actually distributed the figures produced by Pacipa in early 1989 and then Playful in mid-1990.  As is common knowledge amongst collectors of the line, there are Super Amigos out there sporting both Pacipa and Playful logos in the lower right corner of the blister cards.  Pacipa was the initial recipient of the license from Kenner, and overall has better quality in the card printing, bubble strength and character selection.  None of the figures came with mini-comics, but all of them came with file cards.  Both companies are mind-boggling in what seems to have been actually released.  I’ll try and detail the major oddities before I get to the image onslaught later in the blog.  πŸ™‚

The first and foremost glaring omission is the Pacipa Batman figure.  I have never even heard a whispered rumor of someone owning a carded Super Amigos Batman with the Pacipa logo in the corner, let alone viewed a picture of one.  Every single one I have seen has been a Playful release.  That is bizarre beyond words, yes?  To a lesser extent is the Playful release of Superman.  I have seen a (small) picture of one on a foreign public information site and do own a Riddler figure mis-carded on a Playful Superman card back, but other than those two examples I don’t believe there is one known in any collection anywhere.  Again, bizarre.

Other notables "missing" (as far as never being seen, owned or having photo evidence anywhere online or in magazines) are the Pacipa Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Shazam, Penguin & Joker and the Playful Robin, Aquaman, Brainiac & Green Lantern.

One cool aspect of collecting these are the Riddlers.  Not present on any of the card backs from either company, Riddler is probably the most famous foreign figure release, and certainly of the Super Powers line in general.  A repainted Green Lantern (for the two of you on the planet that aren’t aware of that), Riddler released by Pacipa is actually quite easy to find.  The Playful release (of which there is one MOC and one card back known) and the Playful mis-cards (on Joker, Superman, Batman and Hawkman card backs) are infinitely rarer, with some cases only one or two known to exist).  In my experience, the Pacipa Riddler shares traits with both the US- and Pacipa release of Cyborg…perceived mega-rarity and command of a high price.  Neither should be true on any of them as far as I’m concerned, and yet…they still sell for quite a bit and are touted as RARE every time they are sold.  Meh…it’s simply not true, folks.

Super Amigos in general are vastly under-priced as far as rarity is concerned.  While I’m sure there must be upwards of 100 carded Pacipa Riddlers out there, there are only two MOC Robins, one MOC Shazam, less than five MOC Brainiacs, Hawkmans & Green Lanterns and certainly less than 25 known of everyone else except Pacipa Superman, Playful Batman and the aforementioned Pacipa Cyborg.  However, all of those I just mentioned usually sell for FAR less than even the Pacipa Cyborg.

Of everything that is known to be out there on the collector market I am only missing two : the Playful Plastic Man release and the Playful Joker.  Of the two, Plastic Man is the more "common" if you take my meaning that there are less than 10 known of him and maybe 2 or 3 Jokers out there.  As you can see, being a completionist of this line is like self-torture.  πŸ™‚

One thing you will notice is that no vehicles are included here in this blog.  Though the Supermobile, Batmobile, Delta Probe One and Batcopter were all released…I have other blogs to include those in (well, the ones I own anyway).  πŸ™‚  Don’t worry, you’ll understand shortly when they’re published. 

Enjoy the photos!


Green Lantern is one of the most difficult figures to find in the entire line. Yes, the green on the figure really IS that dark.


As of this writing only two MOC Robins are known to exist.


Finding a normally painted Cyborg is actually slightly difficult to do.


Green Arrow has different character artwork for both Pacipa and Playful releases.




Playful Plastic Man also exists…probably about a handful of them are out there.



Unlike the Kenner release, Darkseid was produced on the same size card back as all the other figures.


Brainiac was one of three characters released with oddly shaped bubbles.  He also as a red impact burst under his foot and red letters in his logo, which are both unique to this release as opposed to all other world-wide examples.  Trust me, I know. πŸ˜‰


The Pacipa Riddler is one of the most common figures in the line.


The Pacipa 11-back. All figures released are on this card back.




Hawkman was one of three characters released with oddly shaped bubbles.   He also has different character artwork than all other world-wide examples of the figure. 


This Shazam is the only known example as of today.  He also has different character artwork than all other known releases.


Playful Green Arrow was one of three characters released with oddly shaped bubbles.  He also comes with FIVE arrows!


The Playful Flash, Lex Luthor and Hawkman are the only ones I have on the 6-back card.



The Playful Penguin has different character artwork than all other world-wide releases.


As of this writing, this is the only carded Playful Riddler known.


This Riddler carded sample is on a Superman card back.  Hawkman is also rumored, but no photo proof exists.


This Riddler carded sample with longer outer bubble is on a Batman card back.


This (I believe) is a Batman carded sample with longer outer bubble.


The Playful 6-back. One day I hope to find that 6-back Brainiac!


The Playful 10-back.


The whole bunch!  I think this might be the largest collection of them in the world.



Well, that was a tremendous amount of picture-taking and writing.  Since I’m old, it’s now nap time for me.  πŸ™‚

I hope everyone reading has enjoyed this blog.  The Super Amigos line is a wonderful addition to any Super Powers collection, and I encourage anyone who loves the Kenner line to give them a shot as well.  That is, except for any of them that I don’t have.  Let me finish what I started first!  LOL. 

Speaking of that, I’m offering generous finder’s fees for MOC examples of the Playful Plastic Man, Playful Joker, Playful Brainiac, Pacipa Batman or any Riddler sample mis-cards I do not have.  If anyone has information regarding the location of ANY of them, please let me know immediately.  Thanks!

Until next time, take care!



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  • Matt Cauley Iron-Cow says:

    OUTRAGEOUSLY cool… What a great article, Chip!

  • Nick in NY says:

    I wonder if the absence of Batman on the Pacipa cards is related to the year they were released – 1989 – when the first big-budget Batman movie
    was released? Perhaps Batman was being licensed separately? Also, I think the Riddler and Cyborg figures are far more plentiful in the USA because collectors had (and may still have) special interest in them because 1) the Riddler was unique, and 2) Cyborg was relatively rare in the USA, plus the fact the Pacipa version looked different. All the rest looked pretty much the same, except for the card art. I remember I didn’t care enough about the card art to seek out these foreign versions. I find them more interesting today, but still not enough to buy them.

  • Jim says:

    That had to the best article so far about figures. I had a whole set of the U.S. figure plus Riddler once these articles are making want to get the complete set again

  • Lightso says:

    Nope, some dude on Mars has a bigger collection. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Ronankan5vzp says:

      Ronankan5vzp here ,I have a couple of your grail items on Ebay at the moment,details are on Ebay re our circumstances if you want to check it out

  • Kevin Moorhead says:

    hey Chip,

    I’ve been looking for you.


  • Chip, I’m looking for an update on the money you owe me. Can you e-mail me?

  • josh says:


    I have a Riddler on a a Hawkman card and have been wanting to find out how much its worth, any ideas anyone?? its the playful one

  • Rasoul says:

    I’m looking for some of these! I know Chip doesn’t collect anymore but if anyone is looking to sell any foreign carded Super Powers then hit me up. Thanks!

  • marcos arebalo says:

    do you still have these figures?? if so, can you please email me. thank you.

  • Josh says:

    Hello anyone that may read this!

    I have a riddler on a hawk man card it’s not it great shape but hope to find out the worth or maybe some current info on it.

  • Andrew says:

    Any ideas as to the worth of the Green Arrow (Flecha Verde)? I have a carded version, trying to figure out what’s what as I am going to sell it.

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