Super Powers Highlight – The Cyborg Mini Comic
March 5, 2010

Howdy all, and welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight here at Action Figure Insider.  Today I’m calling attention to a rarity most people might not know about.  What’s generally known amongst people who collect this fantastic line is that there were three total waves of figures released from 1984 to 1986.  The figures that were among the first two waves all came with a free mini-comic that illustrated a short adventure of the character.  The third wave of figures had no comics, probably due to the second wave of figures performing so poorly on the retail shelves.  Cost-cutting to sell the retailers on the 3rd wave, you see.

The advanced Super Powers collector also knows about at least a few of the more popular foreign releases…namely the Pacipa Super Amigos Riddler from Argentina, the Gulliver El Capitan Rayo from Columbia, and the Super Amigos Cyborg from the same Pacipa line as Riddler.  Most people even have the carded Cyborg in their collection instead of the (mislabeled) "rare" US-released Cyborg.

However, what people might not know is that not only did the Brazilian company Estrela also release Cyborg (and other 3rd wave characters Shazam and Plastic Man), but he also came with a corresponding mini-comic! How this happened I have no clue.  I think perhaps Kenner did have some of them ready before that idea was shelved, and these were the only three close enough to production to include with the license to the foreign market.  Why Estrela was the only company perhaps to exercise this option, who knows.  I don’t even know if it was an option to begin with…I’m just speculating a theory I think makes sense.

So far, no carded Estrela Cyborg (or Shazam) has ever turned up on the collector’s market and very few MOC Plastic Mans exist at this time (less than 5 do, I believe).  Only two loose comics each of Cyborg, Shazam and Plastic Man have even turned up, as well.  They are all (in their entirety) extremely rare.

If you know me at all…then you know I had to have one.  Thanks to a very generous new friend of mine, I now finally have one in my collection.  So, naturally I figured I’d not only blog about it a bit, but also scan the comic in and present it to my loyal followers in it’s entirety.  Without any further blathering…here’s the comic!  Enjoy!










Stay tuned for a similar upcoming edition of The Highlight featuring everyone’s favorite stretchy Eel…and thanks for reading!



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  • Hourman says:

    Wow, look at those *New* Teen Titans! I wasn’t expecting that.

  • chad says:

    too bad the comic did not come out with the u.s version of cyborg for would love to know the english translation this proves that what died one way in a line does not mean it died in other ways like over seas. i kind of figured that the Titans would show up since Cyborg was part of the team back then. plus before the line got killed there was talk of a spin off titans sub set ,

  • Lightso says:

    Awesome Chippy! Thanks for that. The art almost looks like a rushed Perez. Shame there isn’t an english translation. Brainiac versus Cyborg — brilliant!

  • Richard Grayson says:

    These little comics were the best pack-ins ever. The one that Brainiac came with is still one of my favorite stories for it’s simple yet profound examination of Batman.
    I was not expecting the New Teen Titans in there, since every comic from the first two waves focused entirely on characters already produced in the line. Can’t wait for more!

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Never saw this before. I bought my Cyborg loose many years later.
    Very cool with all those New Teen Titans in there.
    Also interesting that Kid Flash is missing from the team.

  • Tony C says:

    I love the top panel on page 5 with Cyborg stripping down and posing like a Jim Dandy (trying to be PC here.) the question mark over the robot’s head is absolutely priceless. Dr. “Seduction of the Innocent” Wertham is spinning in his grave!
    Question for you Chip: why do you think the 2nd wave sold poorly? i didn’t know that, so it’s interesting to hear that was the case. My guess would be that the kids weren’t into the Kirby 4th World villains, and maybe kenner should have used the “Legion of Doom” villains everyone was familiar with? Do you have any inside info on this? I had no idea who those characters were when i was young, but i still loved the toys. Anyway, thanks again for sharing another of your amazing treasures!

  • Xanadude says:

    My new personal mantra will be “AH AH AH AH! BAH!”

    Great find, Chip – and thank you so much for sharing. I had no clue this even existed.

  • Hugo says:

    All the characters had a mini comic book inside his pack.

    I have Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Penguin comic book’s.

    This Cyborg comic book used drawings from The New Teen Titans series, and various from DC Style Guide.

    The artists are Curt Swan and George Pérez.

  • Diabolu Frank says:

    Great looking comic! That must be Romeo Tanghal on art. I never knew this existed!

  • Andre Lima says:

    Someone asked for a translation from portuguese? Here it goes.

    In the ad page: Live all the Justice League adventures against their archenemies with the SUPER POWERS COLLECTION!

    Page 1
    Box: Finally, Brainiac gets to final results after several experiences with his robot-men…
    Brainiac: I did it! After many experiences, I got the final prototype! And from it will come out many slave machines!

    Page 2
    Brainiac: Very well, RV-2, get out and capture more human specimen so we can produce a huge army that will make me the supreme master of this planet.
    Box: At night…
    RV-2: We already have enough!
    Brainiac: Hmm. That one looks like an excellent specimen!

    Page 3
    Box: Later…
    Cyborg: What happened? Where am I? Who are you?

    Page 4
    Robot: You woke up for a terrible reality! We are guinea pigs for experiences done by a maniac that transform us into war machines!
    Cyborg: I don’t know where I am, but I will use my ultramicro-transmitter to alert my friends.
    Robot: I think there is nothing that can change our fate!

    Page 5
    Cyborg: That we’ll see!
    Box: Far away…
    Starfire: Look! I guess our friend’s foot walk wasn’t fortunate!
    Raven: I will locate the frequency to find out where he is!

    Page 6
    Box: Meanwhile…
    Cyborg: It’s past time we get out of here! Come on, let’s go!
    The alarm!
    Brainiac: They are running away! Seize them!
    Cyborg: Hey you! Leave them alone! This fight is mine!

    Page 7
    Box: Suddenly…
    Brainiac: You will never escape. These are high powered tentacles!
    Cyborg: Ouch!

    Page 8
    Brianiac: You are stronger than my models! I will analyze your components to discover where all this strength comes from…
    Box: Though…
    Robin: Keep it cool, Cyborg… We came to help you!
    Brainiac: Who are you?

    Page 9
    Brainiac: If you think you got me by surprise, you are wrong… the surprise will be yours!
    Guardian: Roooar!
    Brainiac: While my giant guardian ends up with you, I will get the fugitives.

    Page 10
    Cyborg: Never! Attack!
    Guardian: Roooar!

    Page 11
    Wonder Girl: Let’s join our strength!
    Wow, everything is mechanical in here!

    Page 12
    Cyborg: Now, bro’, let’s go hand in hand!

    Page 13
    Cyborg: Seeing as Brainiac is so fond of machines, let’s provide a crusher so he can break some stones in prison!
    Titans: Ha ha ha ha!
    Brainiac: Hmm!

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