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As announced at Toy Fair 2014 the final figures in Mattel’s long running 6″, Four Horsemen sculpted, DC Universe Classics line will be a series of tributes to the 30th anniversary of Kenner’s beloved DC Comics ‘Super Powers’ action figures.

I think by now everyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of the original Super Powers line.  After all we house the Super Powers Archive here on AFi as well as have a dedicated Super Powers blog.  I have loved and encouraged and even helped Mattel out with some of the past DCUC Super Powers figures so I was greatly looking forward to these, and even with Mattel sending me samples I will be buying a second set to keep carded when they are released.

I think it’s important to note that these are merely a Super Powers tribute/homage and not a intended to be a replica in figure or card.   There are quite a few differences in details on all of the cards and figures from their original Kenner release.

This figure has been a long time coming for a lot of fans.   This repaint was originally designed to be part of a second wave of retailer 2-packs along with a repainted Bizarro.   A hand full of samples were run overseas and escaped the factory onto Ebay.   Now every that wants one finally has a shot at him!






To Mattel’s credit they did use the original image out of the actual DC style guide for the card.   Kenner took the same image and modified it to better fit the card.   As you can see there are some differences in the card (apart from the obvious toy maker logo change) but it’s great to see these old red, blue and yellow cards again.


The Collect and Connect Kalibak piece is in the mailer box.  It is polly-bagged and taped to an “L” shaped piece of cardboard in the box so that it’s not in the package with the figure, as that would not be accurate to it’s vintage counterpart.   Superman comes with Kalibak’s right leg.



When you collect all 6 figures in this Super Powers tribute you will be able to build a brown, more Super Powers accurately colored Kalibak figure.




 This is a repaint of the DCUC Superman that we got several times in the line in 2-packs (Superman vs. Parasite, Superman/He-Man) and single carded (DCUC All Stars).    You can see the comparison pictures below of the original release, the Super Powers figure and the new SP repaint.   Taking these pictures I realize that I am in desparate need of a new loose Super Powers Superman who’s torso hasn’t darkened over the years

The lighter blue paint job still doesn’t quite match the original Super Powers blue paint, but it is way closer than anything we have gotten up to this point and I think he looks great!   Mattel painted the belt buckle gold, which I actually like, but is not accurate to the figure. And there’s no “S” shield on the back of the cape despite it being on the original figure and on the original DCUC figure.  The “S” shied on the front of the figure has also been changed from the original DCUC release.


DCUCSPSuperCompFt1  DCUCSPSuperCompFt2

DCUCSPSuperCompBk1 DCUCSPSuperCompBk2

DCUCSPSuperCompFt3 DCUCSPSuperCrdFt3

The first 3 figures:


The other 3 figures will be Mr. Mxyzptlk, Gold Superman, and The Riddler.  The figure will  be sold in waves of 3 and will be $30 a piece. These will be available to order this fall on MattyCollector.com.

This sample was provided by Mattel

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It was announced last month that the Super Powers themed line of Medicom Be@rbricks would be continuing this summer as SDCC 2014 exclusives.   Many fans wondered if this line was still going as it was announced last year we would be getting a new pair of figures every other month and that never happened.  The first pair (Cyborg and Robin) were released mid-year last year and that’s been the last anyone has heard about it until now.

This new pairing of Green Lantern and the Joker both come from the original 1984 series of figures and it corrects a couple of “near misses” in the line.   The original DC Be@rbrick done on these retro Super Powers cards was not a “figure” at all, but an accessory.  It was painted in the form of Green Lantern’s power battery.   Now we get the actual Green Lantern to go along with it.   We have gotten one previous Joker, but it was based on his appearance in Frank Millers “The Dark Knight Returns.”   Now we get a SP version as well.

If you are attending SDCC there will be many retailers that will carry these for about $11-$15 each.

Even if you are not attending the show you can order a set of these from ShopAFX.com.

To find the past releases you can check out BigBadToystore.com and EntertainmentEarth.com.


From Medicom Toys! In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Be@rbrick shall not escape your sight! Available exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014, this 2” tall figure features Medicom’s Be@rbrick platform redone in a Green Lantern uniform. This SDCC 2014 edition is limited to 1,500 pieces. (NOV138233) For a complete list of SDCC exclusives and what retailers on the show floor will be selling them, visit the Diamond PREVIEWS Booth (#2401).
Bearbrick      $14.99


From Medicom Toys! Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime joins Medicom’s fan-favorite Be@rbrick line in a new piece exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2014! This figure stands roughly 2” tall and gives The Joker a makeover in Medicom’s Be@rbrick platform. This SDCC 2014 edition is limited to 1,500 pieces. (NOV138234) For a complete list of SDCC exclusives and what retailers on the show floor will be selling them, visit the Diamond PREVIEWS Booth (#2401).
Bearbrick      $14.99


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It’s time once again to look back on the legacy of Kenner’s Super Powers Collection and the figures that followed in its footsteps. This time around we’ll look at the man of steel himself, Earth’s greatest hero – Superman!

For almost as long as there’s been a Superman, there have been toys of the character. Some of the earliest ones were tin toys, and later simple, unarticulated plastic figurines, crude by today’s standards. The ’70s saw Mego produce several different sized Supermen – 8″, 12″, and 3 3/4″ – before a Superman figure helped kick off the Super Powers line. Toy Biz’s Superman was the first figure of the last son of Krypton to follow Kenner’s. Let’s take a look at the figure and his packaging.


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Today news came out that Diamond will have TWO Super Powers themed/carded Be@rbricks as their Exclusives at San Diego Comic Con 2013.  Last year we got Batman and Plastic Man.  The previous year we got the Green Lantern lantern battery on a Super Powers-esque card.

BearSPRiddlerAlso this year comic shops were able to order Robin and Cyborg SP Be@rbricks in what was announced as a regular, on going series through Diamond.

The news today reveals that attendees of SDCC can also add Superman and Riddler to their collections.

DC Comics’ Prince of Puzzlers takes the spotlight as a Medicom Be@rbrick! Blister card packaging.

Medicom gives DC Comics’ Man of Steel his due on his 75th birthday with this Super Powers Be@rbrick. Blister card packaging.

Riddler as many of you know was not an official Kenner release under the Super Powers banner but was a repainted Green Lantern figure released under the “Super Amigo” banner/license.

We will update this story when we have images of Superman and the carded figures.

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So I haven’t really been keeping up with Super Powers in many years (and I’m posting my my blog because I think this also gets reposted to the Super Powers blog). I know a few things have popped up here and there, like the unproduced Power Plus Darkseid, but for the most part we have been assuming that most of was was in production either has already been seen or has been lost to the ages at this point.

Except… a few years back there was an auction for this piece. I was alerted to it by a reader after it had already been taken down; I guess someone made a big offer as it was cancelled almost immediately. I’m also assuming this now sits in the collection of one of the “big collectors” of Super powers, as some of those guys don’t like to talk about their acquisitions. ;)

In any case, this pic is all that I’ve ever seen. I was originally planning on putting it online when I relaunched the Super Powers Archive, but considering that I started the redesign in 2007 and am still far from finished with it…well, when the subject came up on the Facebook group today I figured I might as well put this up now while I have some (very rare) free time. At some point I’d like to get back to the archive…

So: does anyone know what this was? Is it an actual proof sheet for an unproduced playset?  And of so, just how far along in the process did this thing get?!?


UPDATE: So yes, of course this was an April Fool’s gag!

I fooled more people than I thought I would, but a few folks caught on right away. I thought the proof color bars would be the dead giveaway, but only one person actually called those out…
In any case, it wasn’t actually meant to be an April Fool’s joke. I made this last Summer as a wedding present for our very own Julius Marx, to match his Tower of Darkness proof sheet. Had I made this for only the joke, I would have been much more careful with details, but also would probably have spent much less time on it.

Once you see the bigger version of the artwork below, you’ll be able to pick out a bunch of details that would have given it all away really quickly. But again, it was meant more to be a neat matching companion piece of art than it was a “forgery”. We only thought about the April Fools aspect after the fact. ;) Hope everyone enjoyed it! And if you pin this image or put it up somewhere else, please credit me and link back to this article! Thanks!


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…Or something like that.

So, with the big breaking news of Disney buying Lucasfilm, I’ve been in a Star Wars mood these past few days. I may just break down and write the next chapter of the “Unproduced Star Wars Concepts” saga. To be honest, it’s taken me so long to revisit it because this has been a very busy year at my day job. In fact, today is the first day I’ve had off in over two months! And of course, the concept of “not working” is alien to me now, so when a goofy mash-up idea popped into my head I immediately sat back down at the computer to flesh it out, instead of grabbing some much needed rest time.

Still, this was an enjoyable few hours creating what are more or less virtual customs. And no paint & sculpey mess that comes with the regular kind of customs! Anyway, it’s an odd idea, but a fairly self explanatory one. Hope everyone enjoys it.

*a few caveats: Yes, I know the second series should be The Legendary Super Powers Show,  with Galactic Guardians being third. But I took a little artistic license based on what fit the respective logos better. Apologies to the anonymous cosplayers whose pics I snagged. If this is you, send me your name and I’ll credit you! (Plus keep an eye out for a cameo by our very own Danny Neumann as Plastic Man, plus Allen Hansard as Firestorm and Brian Parsley as Green Arrow!). And finally, I really hate to watermark these, but we all know they are going to go around the web without attribution immediately. Even worse, I don’t want folk selling these on ebay as custom cardbacks. If you want to put these on your website, feel free, but please link back to  this blog post so people can see where they came from.

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Welcome back to our series of in-depth looks at the Toy Biz DC Superheroes action figure line. This week we’ll be looking at Batman’s archenemy, the villain of the Tim Burton Batman movie, the one, the only…The Joker!

Mr. J had had a few figures prior to this one – a couple of entries from Mego, and of course the Kenner Super Powers figure – so he was no stranger to toy aisle shelves. How did the Toy Biz entry stack up to his predecessors? Read on…


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Welcome to the first in a series of in-depth looks at the figures of the Toy Biz DC Superheroes action figure line. In this installment we’ll be looking at what is arguably the flagship figure of the line, Batman.


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We just stumbled across this classic Burger King commercial that features their 1985 Super Powers cup promotion.

Thanks to the Super Powers Collection Facebook page for pointing us to this.

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I’m just going to come right out and say it: I think the Toy Biz DC Superheroes figures are great. 

I know this may not be a popular opinion.  I’ve seen fights break out over it.  Internet fights, so as far as I know no fisticuffs were involved, but fights nonetheless.  I hesitate to call it a hot-button issue, but it’s at least a topic for discussion in certain circles.

I’m certainly not saying that the Toy Biz DC figures are better than Kenner’s Super Powers figures.  I’m not interested in comparing the two, to be honest.  Well, some mild comparisons, similarities and differences, might be made, but that’s not my goal.  I’m saying that – looking at the Toy Biz DC Superheroes figures strictly on their own – they’re great.


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