What’s old is new again!

You know, as much as I rag on Scott Neitlich (ToyGuru) for his efforts on the Justice League Unlimited action figure line, I have to give him the ultimate props on what he’s done with DC Universe Classics.  This line is what the Super Powers line could have been had it lasted, say, as long as Star Wars did and produced 100+ figures instead of the 34 that SP eked out in 3 years back in the mid-1980′s.

If there’s one thing I respect, it’s passion.  Scott and the Four Horsemen have translated their passion for Super Powers into action and not only re-created all (the rest are coming, folks) of the characters that Kenner came out with, but they also have applied that same vision to making the line that Kenner might have produced if they started development in 2007 instead of 1982.

I know a lot of you will hate this idea, but I’d absolutely LOVE them to make a Quadrex, Shockwave, or Silicon in DC Universe Classics.  A lot of the proposed Wave 4 characters have already been produced (Man-Bat, Vigilante, Blue Devil, Bizarro, John Stewart, Deathstroke), as well as some of the new deluxe "Power Plus" line that would have debuted in 1987 (Zan, Jayna).  Their passion certainly fuels mine in collecting DCUC, and it spills over into the other characters in that line.  Case-in-point :

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