Hello everyone, and welcome to another Super Powers Highlight!  Fresh out of the post office box today is one of my newest arrivals…and a pretty damn cool thing to boot!  This is the master color key for the Martian Manhunter mini-comic.  I was fortunate to add a couple of these to my collection this past week (the other being Red Tornado), but I selected this one to showcase here in my blog because it arrived with an extra added bonus…an alternate cover that differs from the final version included with the figure.  

Each page contains color code information for the printer, and as far as what is known each copy is one of a kind.  The colors on each page seem to be applied with a watercolor-type marker.  The seller only had examples from Wave 2 of the Kenner figure line, but he did tell me that at one point he had Wave 1 characters as well.  Upon inquiry I was told they were sold years ago at a convention.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of the Brainiac…well, you know where to reach me.  :-)   Without further ado…here are the images!

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