We’ve got a lot of great stuff related to the Kenner Super powers collection coming up in the months ahead, and this new blog will be the place to read about all of it!

To launch this we’re running an interview with famed Super Powers fans, the Four Horsemen (Eric “Cornboy” Mayse, Eric Treadaway, Chris Dahlberg, and Jim Preziosi). These amazingly talented guys have injected their love of SP into the ongoing Mattel DC Universe Classics line with all-new versions of such SP classic characters such as Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron, with more on the way. The interview was originally conducted in May 2008 for the SP article done by Jason Geyer for Back Issue magazine #30. All answers are by Eric Treadaway.
Why do you think Super Powers has stood as an iconic toy line? What does the line mean to you, personally?

I think that Super Powers is so iconic for a number of reasons. The main reason I think, though is that it contained such a broad variety of characters in a completely consistent size and scale. The line also had great vehicles, cool mini comics, and really nice packaging with classic artwork. For me personally it set one of the great benchmarks in super hero toys, and it remains one of the more inspirational toy lines that I collected as a kid.


When did you first hear about the unproduced Super Powers toys?

It seems like this was something that I had heard rumors of for years, but it was the article on your site where I got to see the real deal. I love seeing what could have been! When looking at some of the concept art and future plans, it impressed me to see how relevant the line-ups would still be today.



Have Super Powers had any influence in your work, especially the DC toy lines you are working on now?

Absolutely! The entire time we have been doing D.C. characters one of our main goals has been to create a modern incarnation of Super Powers, and to even go beyond it if we are lucky. The Superman wave that we did with Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Darkseid was a dream wave for us, and in retrospect was the first hint of what was to come.


And finally, do you think there would be any interest in reviving a Super Powers-like toyline today?

I definitely do. I know that I personally have been waiting for a revival for years. In a way I think that we are already attempting to do it. Certain things in the DCUC are different -such as the scale and lack of action features, but I think that at it’s heart DCUC is a lot like Super Powers. We are really trying our hardest to maintain the quality and spirit of the originals. Super Powers had such an impact on fans that in some peoples eyes it can never be topped, but that won’t stop us from trying. I think the fact that Super Powers still creates that type of inspiration is the sign of a what a classic line that it really is.

Thanks to the Horsemen for the interview and all the great toys!

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