When the end result shows up in the mail in bunches, it makes the soreness in the morning and the aches and pains when I roll into my condo at 11:30pm each night worth it.  My boss at the piano store (where I have my packages sent) was kind enough to drop them into my Jeep while I was at work this evening.  I opened them up and suddenly had a pile of rarities on my counter.  Between this and a visit from a certain very attractive female this evening (hopefully more on that later), life is definitely very good right now.


For those that aren’t familiar, in that picture are the following : PlayFul Super Amigos Penguin (alternate card artwork than any other release), Gulliver Robin (alternate card artwork than any other release), 33-back Green Arrow (one of the rarest production releases from the Super Powers line…certainly less than 10 known to exist), and one of the catalog-exclusive Secret Wars 2-packs (sealed baggies!).

A big "thank you" to Joe G. for trading me the Robin & Penguin.  He’s a stand-up guy and really appreciates my passion for this line.  Hopefully sometime in the future I can repay him 10-fold.  He’s one of the reasons I stay at AFI…a really cool cat. 

A good day, and now I can sleep.  





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