Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight.  Up for review today is one of the kinds of things I love to find related to this wonderful hobby…the "behind the scenes" ephemera.  This was a promotional flier given to Kenner accounts probably either by a representative, salesman, or directly at Toy Fair.  It showcases all of the various giveaways and purchase incentives that customers would have when buying Super Powers (as well as other) product put out for sale by Kenner Toys back in 1984.  

There were a few surprises when I looked through it, which goes along with how Super Powers is in general to collect.  It seems like every week something new pops up (product- or information-wise), and even almost 4 years in I have found that continues to hold true.  You’ll see probably the biggest "news" to be revealed by this on the 4th interior page, so enough waiting…on to the content!

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