Howdy folks!  Welcome to a (very lazily delayed) new edition of the Super Powers Highlight!  Today I’m focusing ATTention (heh) on a very rare piece…something that only one of which exists, and something where the subject matter never ended up being produced by Kenner before the line was canceled.  It took some begging, pleading and dangling some rare foreign carded Marvel Secret Wars like fresh meat to start the process…until finally, the result is here.  It took well over a year of negotiating to land it in my collection, but I now have the All-Terrain Trapper cromalin in my grubby little mitts. 

For the casual Super Powers collector, you may ask…"What the hell is that?  All-Terrain Trapper?  The name sounds familiar…but I just can’t place it."  Well, friend…it’s simple.  Take your carded Orion or Tyr or Cyborg and flip it over.  Ta-dahhhh!  There it is!

Now that you know what the vehicle is…your next question is probably, "What the hell is that?  Cromalin?  Is that one of the Red Lanterns?"  (As much as I’m joking around, I KNOW there’s at least one modern comic fan that probably thought that.  Ugh.)

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