Greetings to all, and thanks for checking out this latest Super Powers Highlight.  Today we’ll be taking a look at the four Signature Stamp Sets put out by Craftmaster.  Craftmaster was a really fantastic licensee for Super Powers.  They put out the Stamp Sets, Stain-a-Sticker Sets, Figurine Paint Sets, puzzles, the stained-glass Sun Shiner set, poster paint sets and a few other really neat random items.  A lot of varied product led to a lot of interesting package designs, making them a really eye-popping and interesting addition to the overall Super Powers display that seems to have taken over my entire condo.  LOL.

One great thing about the set right off the bat is the inclusion of Hawkman.  Yes, you’d expect every company that had the Super Powers license to include  the "Holy Trinity" of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman…but Craftmaster managed to give good ol’ Carter his due.  Not only his own set, but with artwork that (to my knowledge) wasn’t used on any other manufacturer’s product packaging.

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