Wow, really?  Another edition of The Super Powers Highlight, so soon after the last one?

Yes, you’re right…I must be sick.  

Today we’ll be looking at the right-hand toady of one of your more major villains…Grima Wormtongue…err…I mean, DESAAD!  Darkseid’s torture master was indeed part of the Super Powers line from Kenner toys back in the mid-1980′s, and when looking around my display hoping to be inspired to write another blog I realized I had a small Desaad focus amongst my collection.   Desaad, along with the rest of the Series 2 characters released was a major reason why the line was eventually canceled.  If you want to be cute you could say that he tortured the line to a slow retail death.

However, since I’m not keen on acting cute…to the pics! 

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