Welcome to my latest Super Powers Highlight!  I apologize for the relatively lengthy delay between entries.  I didn’t have access to a digital camera to take some decent shots for the blog here, but I got a chance to not only borrow one but also purchase a nice used Nikon off the ‘Bay…so hopefully no more interruptions of a week or more on these.  I’m having a blast putting them together, and will actually get to a figure next time that three of my readers have suggested…ya feelin’ me, android fans?

Anyhoo…no, you’re not seeing double, and you don’t need your eyes checked.  This blog is about Two Riddlers.  Why two, you ask?  Well, for most average Super Powers collectors, it is known that the line is essentially 35 figures, and not 34 as indicated by the backs of the final series’ cards plus Clark, of course (Thanks Joe!).   For most anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive Super Powers collectors, it is known that the line is essentially 36 figures (and possibly 37)…but we’ll get into that "abominable" mess at another time.

So, about that 35th figure.  Well, the Pacipa Toy Company of Argentina decided to throw their own little curve ball over the Super Powers plate and make a nifty repaint of the Kenner Green Lantern figure.  Thus, "El Acertijo" (The Riddler) was created.  As I stated before, most people would actually search this guy out to "complete" their collections and for most of them it’s a grail piece.  Difficult to obtain, and usually costly.

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