Howdy howdy!  Welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight.  Today we’ll be looking at an oddity, for sure : the Golden Pharaoh figure mis-carded on a 33-back Dr. Fate card back.  Two of these surfaced a couple months ago on eBay from the same seller, but apparently it wasn’t a completely unknown entity.   There are now four known to exist at this point in time.  The other two appeared previously in the hobby with the initial one popping up over seven years ago in Australia.  All of them have the same basic characteristics…what seems to be a standard production Golden Pharaoh figure (with copyright information stamped on the inner thigh) machine carded on a full production quality Dr. Fate 33-back card back. 

The reason why it’s such a significant piece is that, while definitely scheduled to be re-released on a 33-back card (as all the figures in the line were), Dr. Fate was never released at retail on this card back.  Further adding to the mystery is the fact that this piece is NOT a carded sample, at least as far as it’s been defined with every other 33-back example.  It would have had to have been hand-carded to a proof card and those differences are obvious to the experienced eye.  The easiest & quickest way to tell is via the hanger hole punch on the top of the card.  All 33-back proof cards have a thin punch similar to the Kenner Canada released figures, and production release 33-back cards have the thicker "balloon" punch that is apparent on all 3rd Series MOC examples such as Orion and Cyborg.

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