Howdy all!  Welcome to yet another CAPtivating edition (hee hee) of the Super Powers Highlight.  This go-around we’re looking at one of the oddest things ever to come out of the Super Powers line in any country…El Capitan Rayo from Gulliver Juguetes in Brazil.  Covered in this blog, and I believe for the first time in-depth anywhere with detailed pictures will not only be the regular version of Rayo but also the rarer release with the correct chest emblem.


As most people somewhat familiar with the Kenner US line know, there were 33 characters released at retail, with a 34th offered as a mail-in premium (Clark Kent).  Those that are a little more advanced in their obsession in collecting the line know of the Super Amigos Riddler released by Pacipa in Argentina.  However, once one delves a little deeper into the madness of acquiring everything toy-related released under that awesome logo, worldwide…you will learn about the good Captain, and wonder WHAT THE FLUFF were they smoking down there to come up with such ridiculousness?!

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