Up for a highlight this time around is the Trilingual Hawkman, released in Europe.  It seems as if the Trilingual figures were manufactured by different companies depending on the country.  Text on the back of the card credits Palitoy, Clipper, and General Mills.  Subtle differences exist in the card fronts, with some having the character’s name in a yellow band on the lower right card front, while others don’t have any band at all (reminiscent of the US 33-backs). As I acquire more examples hopefully I’ll be able to determine which variations come from which manufacturers.  I know that some came with a small white box on the upper right with text in it, but since I don’t own one (at the end I’ll tell how I should, but don’t) I can’t say if that has any relevant info in it.

The cards are smaller than their US counterparts.  Hawkman has the largest bubble of all of them, which takes up nearly the entire bottom 2/3rds of the card, obscuring the artwork.


All Trilinguals have the "speech bubble" that their American counterparts have, only represented in three languages instead of one.  However, some have a "Free Poster" sticker applied over it.  This bubble is from the Superman figure.  As to why I don’t have a photo of the Hawkman speech bubble and had to use the Superman one, read on…




 This is the sticker that covers the speech bubble :


Mini comic included?  Not with that free poster in there!  Also, the examples I have without the sticker that claim the free comic included also don’t have them.  False advertising, indeed!  Call the policia! 






The card back is a 12-back, and those were the only figures released in this packaging.  The aforementioned name in the yellow strip is shown in 3 languages, the 12 released figures are described in three languages, and there are multi-language bios and instructions on the figure’s action/feature.



As of today this remains the only carded example confirmed to exist, with or without the free poster sticker.  Needless to say, I’m very happy it resides in my collection.  Another example sans sticker surfaced on eBay a few months ago, and I did win that auction (along with 5 other Trilinguals without stickers) :


However, the moron sellers (after initially saying the package had been shipped when I asked) never again responded to my inquiries and the package never showed up.  They then never even responded to my Paypal claim…and they lost it.  While I’m glad I recovered my money, I’d have rather had the figures.  So, there’s at least one more example out there virtually (because the picture must have come from somewhere), however it’s not in any known collection. It might have been thrown out with the garbage for all anyone knows, and that’s too bad.

Until next time!





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