Howdy folks…welcome to another highlight of the best vintage line around…Super Powers!  I can’t really call it Kenner Super Powers anymore, simply because of the vast differences that make the foreign variations so wonderful to pursue.  Obviously, if you’ve followed my previous blogs you’ll know one of those lines is Gulliver.  Here’s a prime example of how wonderfully goofy a release from a foreign company can be : the Man of Steel, Superman

As one of the rarer characters to find MOC, I don’t think it’s been brought to light just how pencil-necked this geek really is.  Until I was finally able to acquire one I had no idea…going off the grainy figure line up on the back of the card it’s not as prominent.  Hopefully my pictures will bring a tear to your eye and a knot in your stomach as to how badly ol’ Clark has been mistreated here.

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