Hello, and welcome to the first "common" edition of whatever this thing is that I call a blog.  I’m going to be not only highlighting the rarites I have in my collection, but also everything else…no matter how common.  Yes, I know y’all are chomping at the bit for my 12-back Lex Luthor highlight, but rest assured that will be when I’m well past running out of ideas here.  :)

With the second series of Super Powers figures, many fan favorites and then "B-Listers" were produced, as well as a multitude of New God goodness. The "heaviest hitter" in that wave was Martian Manhunter.  What makes this figure pretty neat to highlight is that, to this day, it remains one of the best sculpts of an action figure ever.  Likeness, accuracy of costume, etc…this is not only one of the best figures of the line, but it could also hold up against some of today’s aisle offerings (Hello, Infinite Heroes!  I’m looking your way!).  

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