Hello hello!  Welcome yet again to another installment of the blog preferred by none of my ex-fiancees…the Super Powers Highlight! 

I’m switching it up (still) before I get back to writing about the SP action figures and NOT covering one again this time.  Super Powers to me, is more than the action figures.  There are just a myriad of products with the logo and style guide artwork on them, and that makes for a really diverse and attractive collection to display, especially since most companies used different representations of the same characters from the style guide when they designed their packaging.  Nasta is one such company.

For a brief history on them…Nasta had the Superfriends license in the late 1970′s making trading cards, small travel games, etc.  That morphed into the Super Powers license during the mid-80′s, where the most common items produced were the sunglasses.

This Superman example has a variation to the card that I’ve not seen on other ones.  First off, the Toys-R-Us price "tag" is actually part of the printed card.  I have seen ones on eBay that don’t have it and have regular stickers from other stores affixed to them


Unlike the other two characters released, this one actually makes sense, as Superman actually wore glasses to help sell his secret identity as Clark Kent.  The card back artwork is fantastic…great image of Superman with the glasses and the classic shot of him speeding through the air, off to stop an alien invasion or rescue a cat from a tree.

I don’t recall ever seeing Batman wear glasses when he was cavorting around as Bruce Wayne, and even if he did I doubt they be as grossly gross as these.  Last I checked, Bats doesn’t go on tour with Billy Joel…so I’m not sure why some young lad would want these over the Superman ones.

Again, the card back artwork is cool but different, with the classic "cowl and city backdrop" image we’ve all seen thousands of times as well as an odd image of Batman lunging away from the camera so we don’t see most of his face.  


As you can see by looking at all three examples, even though the lenses are purportedly "break resistant" that doesn’t mean they’ll actually stay in the damn frames.    I’m also not sure if you can pop them back in as I’ve never seen a loose set of any character up for sale.  You can also notice that, while the Superman has it’s UPC code on the front, both Batman and Wonder Woman have them on the back.  I have yet to see different examples show up, so I’m not sure if they exist.


Again, fantastic art on the card back.  The classic head shot on the left, and a neat image of Diana leaping through the air and seemingly enjoying herself a whole hell of a lot while doing it.   

…and that brings us to the flashlight.  This is the only one I’ve seen for sale since I started collecting Super Powers, and I love the little thing! It’s one of those same small flashlights you’d find at a tourist trap location, such as any store in Myrtle Beach (ahem).  The difference is that this one has the Caped Crusader himself on it…perfect for those lil’ detectives-in-training that want to solve crimes around the backyard.


Once again…the card art is really what makes these things desirable for me.  It’s a really cool display to have them all on the shelf together, even tho some dude obviously went a little crazy with the hole puncher…not noticing that the card already had a hanger hole pre-punched in it.  Moron.


To me, the Super Powers ancillary products are equal to the action figures as far as collectability…due to the consistent and excellent artwork pulled from the DC Style guide.  There will always be a few bookcases filled to the brim with these items in my collection, and when assembled they make for an awesome display.  I hope you enjoyed this small look at one tiny corner of that realm.





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