Hello to all you Super Powers nuts out there!  Today I’ve got a rather large chunk of meat for y’all to chew on, since I’ve decided to expand (in all senses of the word) upon my blog from wayyy back in July of 2009 and turn the spotlight back on the Colleccion Super Amigos figures released in Argentina from Cuick S.A. (Pacipa/Playful).  The blog sported a mere 17 photos, and two of those were place-holders for items that hadn’t even arrived in the mail yet.  Weighing in at a whopping 28 photos and containing some actual information, I feel that this was a better entry to have permanently here at AFi for those wanting to learn the small bit of stuff known about this (kinda) popular line.

Cuick, S.A.is the company that actually distributed the figures produced by Pacipa in early 1989 and then Playful in mid-1990.  As is common knowledge amongst collectors of the line, there are Super Amigos out there sporting both Pacipa and Playful logos in the lower right corner of the blister cards.  Pacipa was the initial recipient of the license from Kenner, and overall has better quality in the card printing, bubble strength and character selection.  None of the figures came with mini-comics, but all of them came with file cards.  Both companies are mind-boggling in what seems to have been actually released.  I’ll try and detail the major oddities before I get to the image onslaught later in the blog.  :-)

The first and foremost glaring omission is the Pacipa Batman figure.  I have never even heard a whispered rumor of someone owning a carded Super Amigos Batman with the Pacipa logo in the corner, let alone viewed a picture of one.  Every single one I have seen has been a Playful release.  That is bizarre beyond words, yes?  To a lesser extent is the Playful release of Superman.  I have seen a (small) picture of one on a foreign public information site and do own a Riddler figure mis-carded on a Playful Superman card back, but other than those two examples I don’t believe there is one known in any collection anywhere.  Again, bizarre.

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