Howdy all, and welcome to another edition of the Super Powers Highlight here at Action Figure Insider.  Today I’m calling attention to a rarity most people might not know about.  What’s generally known amongst people who collect this fantastic line is that there were three total waves of figures released from 1984 to 1986.  The figures that were among the first two waves all came with a free mini-comic that illustrated a short adventure of the character.  The third wave of figures had no comics, probably due to the second wave of figures performing so poorly on the retail shelves.  Cost-cutting to sell the retailers on the 3rd wave, you see.

The advanced Super Powers collector also knows about at least a few of the more popular foreign releases…namely the Pacipa Super Amigos Riddler from Argentina, the Gulliver El Capitan Rayo from Columbia, and the Super Amigos Cyborg from the same Pacipa line as Riddler.  Most people even have the carded Cyborg in their collection instead of the (mislabeled) "rare" US-released Cyborg.

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