Welcome to the first Super Powers Highlight of 2011.  I’m going to try and produce more blogs this year by writing less and just taking excellent detailed photos.  I’ve found that I’m a little more apprehensive to blogging when I’m forced to write a lot about items that really have no documented history other than what can be gleaned by examining the item or possibly tracking it’s provenance.  So, I hope you enjoy the greater frequency and general increased diversity of subjects being covered.  My collection has nearly doubled in size from this point last year, so there’s lots of enjoyment to be had from both my end and (hopefully) your end.

Today I’m highlighting the set of four temporary tattoos produced for the Warner Brothers Studio Store in 1993.   I was lucky enough to score all four at once, which is fortunate because I think I’ve seen one single example for sale on eBay in nearly 4 years.  They were originally $3 each as evidenced by the WBSS price tag.  The set of four consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash.  If others were produced (Green Lantern and Robin come to mind as other logical possibilities) then I don’t know about them at all.  One interesting feature of these is that the logo actually says "Super Powers Collection" which was supposedly only designated for the Kenner action figure line.  I have found a few other WBSS items that also have this. 

Enjoy the photos!

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