This is the greatest collecting day ever.  Not only did my good friend Joe Grunenwald score me a 33-back Super Powers Batman off of eBay (when I thought I’d missed it), but I just unpacked the following…which all showed up at once.  It’s mind-blowing.

From left-to-right  :

Top Row – Super Amigos Batman, Robin (only one known so far), Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man.

Bottom Row – Estrela Aquaman (only one known so far), Estrela Green Lantern (only one known so far), Future Warriors Dominator, Cyberdroid, Gladiator,and Vampirus, Nibo Penguin (only 3 known so far), Trilingual Brainiac w/sticker (only 2 known so far), Trilingual Green Lantern (only one known so far).

The Super Amigos are all in case-fresh condition with clear bubbles, and half of them are unpunched.  The rest of the figures are in fantastic shape, as well.

I’m utterly euphoric right now…it’s the best day I’ve had since I started collecting again back in November.




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