Superman Batman Virtual Card Collecting
September 19, 2009

I’ve never really spent any time on Facebook.  You could count my "friends" there on one hand.  So imagine my surprise as to how fun it was to enter the Superman / Batman Sweepstakes there.


Superman Batman Application on Face Book 

Collecting the cards is fun and easy.  Each day a new code is listed on 4 different web sites.  All the older codes are there as well.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and the official WB DVD site.  For each code, you get two cards.  That equals eight cards a day.


Superman Batman on Twitter 

Superman Batman on Face Book 

Superman Batman on My Space 

Superman Batman on Warner Video 


On the Facebook page you can discuss the promotion.  Actually, its mostly people posting lists of cards.  Needs and Extras.  All you have to do to make a trade is "friend" the other person.  I’m sure most of these friends will be discarded after the promotion is over, but its easy, fun, and you might actually make a new friend.  I found this guy named Daniel Pickett over there.


There are 50 cards to collect.  Each subset of cards you complete, opens up exclusive content.  Some of it is cooler than other parts of it.  I really like the video.  I don’t know what you do with the badges.


I’m done.  I’ve entered my codes and traded to a complete set.  But I’m still going to each of the 4 sites each day, getting the codes, entering the codes,  getting the cards, and offering them to whomever needs them.

And now I’ve started Farm Ville…

Farm Ville on Face Book


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