Superman vs the Elite – out Tomorrow
June 11, 2012

Once again, I find myself wondering if DC/WB wants us to even know this is being made.  I have seen zero advertising for this release.  An interesting note, this will be the first release where I have not read the base story.  I did enjoy Joe Kelly’s Justice League which came out shortly after this, so I am hoping for good things.  The animation / art style is not one I am familiar with.  It feels off.  My guess is it is based on the actual art like the previous releases have been.

Best Buy is likely to have sales on other DC released series and prior movies.  I’ve used release week to pick up a number of sets at Best Buy at reduced prices.  Also, if history repeats, this movie itself will be on sale this week and will be priced 2 or 3 dollars higher after that.  Also, Best Buy continues their tradition of offering an exclusive package with a mini figure.

Anyway, it is out tomorrow.  Run out and buy it. Then come back and tell us what you thought of it.

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • miguel says:

    That figure looks awful. first time i won’t be picking up the exclusive w/ minifig. It’s a terrible likeness and paint app looks way too haphazard and cartoony.

  • j1h15233 says:

    I had completely forgotten about this movie, much less that it was about to be released. I don’t think I’ll be buying this one.

  • Joe Acevedo says:

    He looks like he does in the cartoon. Thanks for the reminder that the video is being released this week. Thank you for the BEST BUY photo of the figure. I have collected all of these mini-figures that come with the movies.

    Look for an announcement at SDCC from DC Collectibles (DC Direct) about a 3.75″ – 4.0″ action figure line.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    OK, so I failed to buy this today. Just completely forgot. Maybe it has something to do with that complete lack of advertising.
    On consulting with my son, apparently he has seen 1 lone commercial that was run during Toonami at about 1 AM last weekend.

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  • Corn Colonel says:

    Picked this up today. Pretty good for a Superman Cartoon reminds me of the old WB toon days. Definitely worth a watch if you’ve been digging the DC animated movies.

  • Steve says:

    As i expected the paint job on this is super sloppy, picked one up but will most likely toss it back and buy the BR if i get a better deal online.

  • stewbacca says:

    Ill maybe see this if I can pick it up for 5 bucks at some point– the superman ones always pretty much suck..

  • Brainlock says:

    I watched this the other day. The cover art kinda looks like the animation style, which is more anime than previous DC efforts. Of course, the main character of Superman doesn’t fit in at all and looks like those “Big Chin” heroes that Jez and a couple others customed from that cartoony RoboCop character figure. Meanwhile, Clark DOES fit in with the rest of the characters??

    It’s been a good decade since I read the original story, but I think it hits all the bases, with the exception of the added Super-bots and cutting all extraneous ties to the ongoing Action arcs at the time. I also seem to recall the Final Showdown happened on an asteroid, not the moon?

    Final Verdict: rental or wait for it on Cartoon Network.

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