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by Daniel Pickett
December 20, 2007
December 19, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. announces one of the most exciting HeroClix® Buy-It-by-the-Brick figure yet!  The World’s Finest figure is a HeroClix one-of-a-kind SUPERMAN and BATMAN duo figure.  This limited edition, numbered figure is free with the purchase of a DC HeroClix: Crisis Brick (a ten-booster bundle). “This is one of the most…


by Daniel Pickett
December 6, 2007
December 6, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKidsInc. announces the “WizKids® Convention Weekend,” which brings WizKids free-with-purchase convention giveaways to local hobby and game stores! From February 1 to February 3, 2008,WizKids fans can get those hard-to-find WizKids giveaways — such as the Mighty Thor™, BATMAN and Vlad the Impaler — for the first time ever outside…


by Daniel Pickett
November 21, 2007
The 10" line of the JLU figures has been a bit of an underdog.  Many of them have been difficult to find, and that difficulty seems to increase with each passing season.  A few of the early figures and core characters have been re-released enough times to be fairly common.   Toys R Us keeps…


by Daniel Pickett
November 9, 2007
ANSWERS   While we continue to hammer out the forum issues let’s take a look at the newest batch of answers to your questions from our good friends at Mattel.   Keep sending in your questions for Mattel to: julius@actionfigureinsider.com.   The next round of questions are due by midnight Nov. 14th.   Let’s get to…


by Daniel Pickett
August 17, 2007
Mattel issues information to correct inaccurate reports Mattel advises consumers to not return products to retailers STEPS TO RETURN A MATTEL TOY THAT IS AFFECTED BY THE AUGUST RECALLS, ANNOUNCED IN COOPERATION WITH THE U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION: 1) The first step is for consumers to determine if they have a toy that has…


by Daniel Pickett
August 14, 2007
IversonASV One product recalled for impermissible levels of lead November 2006 magnet recall expanded EL SEGUNDO, Calif., August 14, 2007 – Mattel, Inc. announced today that the company has voluntarily recalled one toy from the “CARS” die-cast vehicle line (“Sarge” character), manufactured between May 2007 and July 2007, containing impermissible levels of lead. The recalled vehicles…


by Daniel Pickett
July 16, 2007
DCYAfrosamBusts.jpg ACTION FIGURES   JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES Designed by Ed Benes Based on the ongoing series written by The New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer, with art by Ed Benes! Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Advance-solicited; on sale March 26, 2008    HAWKGIRL 6.625” DR….


by Daniel Pickett
July 2, 2007
mattel.gif When word of the Master DC Comic toy license going to Mattel was finally announced I shot some questions over to the gang at DC Direct to find out how this new deal will affect them.   It looks as if this deal was worked out differently that when Hasbro had the master toy license…


by Daniel Pickett
June 21, 2007
WizSWCardGame This year the con exclusive for the Hot Wheels booth at Comic Con will be the 1966 TV Series Batmobile(tm) which is 1/64th Scale in an acrylic case. This version has a bit more detail than the mass market version such as clear windows and pin-striping on the front. These will be sold for $20. …


by Daniel Pickett
June 19, 2007
WizSWCardGame Burbank, Calif., June 19, 2007 — Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) announced today that it has named the world’s leading toy manufacturer, Mattel, Inc., as the global master toy licensee for both Speed Racer and The Dark Knight, two of the biggest summer films coming out in 2008 from Warner Bros. Pictures.  Mattel will apply…


by Daniel Pickett
June 14, 2007
DCDKryptoniteProp Kotobukiya’s ArtFX subline has releaseed images of 2 more DC related statues.   Item Name: Catwoman Artfx statue Series: Artfx Maker: Kotobukiya Scale: 150mm Material: vinyl Release date: Sept 2007 Retail Price: 7800yen   Item Name: Supergirl Artfx statue Series: Artfx Maker: Kotobukiya Scale: 250mm Material: vinyl Release date: Sept 2007 Retail Price: 7800yen  …


by Daniel Pickett
May 21, 2007
ACTION FIGURES    JUSTICE: SERIES 7 ACTION FIGURES Continuing the best-selling action figure line designed by Alex Ross! Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Advance-solicited; on sale January 9, 2008 • Action Figures • PI Gorilla Grodd 7.25” Aquaman 7.25” Superman 7.25” Green Lantern 6.25”   DC ARMORY ACTION FIGURES BASED…