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by Daniel Pickett
December 7, 2016
BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES BATWING Compliment your Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile with this jaw-dropping 37-inch long Batwing replica! Featuring retractable landing gear, battery-powered interior lights and exhaust, and a slide-open cockpit canopy that fits 2 6-inch action figures, this sleek replica will enhance your Batman collection. LOST EXO-REALM FIGURES FansProject presents 2 new transforming…


by Daniel Pickett
November 30, 2016
Cyber Monday Ends Tonight Our Cyber Monday Sale features deals on Marvel, Transformers, DC, and more! Fans and collectors alike can enjoy deep discounts for a limited time on in-stock items. ONE:12 COLLECTIVE SPIDER-MAN Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swings into the One:12 Collective! Assembled on an all new body developed specifically for this figure, Spider-Man…


by Daniel Pickett
November 23, 2016
NEW EAGLEMOSS Get new Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and more figures, statues, and magazines from Eaglemoss! Featuring series-accurate details, these items make perfect additions to any collection for fans of all kinds. 1/15 SCALE BACK TO THE FUTURE ELECTRONIC TIME MACHINE Is it hot? No, it’s ice cold! Diamond Select presents the electronic 1/15 scale…


by Daniel Pickett
November 18, 2016
ONE:12 COLLECTIVE DC COMICS PX EXCLUSIVES Mezco’s One:12 Collective brings 3 of the DC Universe’s greatest characters to life in their fan-favorite 1/12 scale format! Choose from Arsenal, Black Adam, or Red Son Superman! Each figure features intricate tailored costuming, over 30 points of articulation, character-specific accessories, individual display bases, and collectors’ tins. NEW JAPANESE…


by Daniel Pickett
November 9, 2016
NEW FUNKO New Hanna Barbera, Stranger Things, and Marvel Pop! vinyl figures are up for pre-order! These revamps of iconic TV, movie, and comic book characters stand 3.75 inches tall and feature window-box packaging. Grab these figures and more from Funko. NYCC 2016 EXCLUSIVE FIGURES Super 7 presents an exclusive white blood-splattered 6-inch Alien Queen…


by Daniel Pickett
November 3, 2016
MOTU DORBZ Masters of the Universe have come in Dorbz form! He-Man and his weaponry ally Man At Arms are joined by the villainous Skeletor and Mer-Man, ruler of Eternia’s undersea kingdom. Opting for painted designs over sculpt, these pint-sized 3” rascals will weasel their way into your heart as surely as they’ll find their…


by Daniel Pickett
October 26, 2016
TF UNITE WARRIORS UW-EX BALDIGUS UW-EX Baldigus is a five-piece combiner bot with the figure Mega Octane as the main torso piece. Armorhide, Rollbar, Mover, and Rotor make up the arms and legs and can be attached in any position that you wish. This figure includes combiner feet, hands, and connector pieces as well as…


by Daniel Pickett
October 19, 2016
BBTS SHARED EXCLUSIVES 50TH ANNIVERSARY G.I. JOE IN STOCK NOW! Celebrate 50 years of G.I. Joe with Hasbro’s Versus 2-packs and Squad 3-packs! Each articulated figure comes with a base and weapons. Collectors can grab Cobra Legion figures, Special Forces figures, and many more exclusive villains and heroes! NEW KOTOBUKIYA From Kotobukiya comes new Star…


by Daniel Pickett
October 13, 2016
BBTS SHARED EXCLUSIVES 50TH ANNIVERSARY G.I. JOE Celebrate 50 years of G.I. Joe with Hasbro’s Versus 2-packs and Squad 3-packs! Each articulated figure comes with a base and weapons. Collectors can grab Cobra Legion figures, Special Forces figures, and many more exclusive villains and heroes! DA-06 DIA-BATTLES V2 COSMO MANEUVER TYPE The Dia-Battles V2 Cosmo…


by Daniel Pickett
October 6, 2016
NEW MEGAHOUSE AND OTHER IMPORTS Check out this list of new import items to find a Naruto Uzumaki Nendoroid, a Chris Redfield Nendoroid from Resident Evil, an encore reissue of the Shanks P.O.P. NEO-DX figure, new Super Mario Sports Choco Egg figures, a few Sailor Moon items and more! MAKETOYS MTRM-06 CONTACTSHOT MTRM-06 Contactshot stands…


by Daniel Pickett
September 21, 2016
MP SHATTERED GLASS OPTIMUS PRIME Optimus Prime is the leader of the evil Autobots from the Shattered Glass continuity family. The articulated Optimus Prime figure depicts the sadistic, tyrannical leader of the evil Autobots in a classic purple, green, and gray color scheme. This fully articulated menacing Optimus Prime is a great addition to any…


by Daniel Pickett
September 16, 2016
ONE:12 COLLECTIVE THE JOKER Featuring intricate sculptural work and incredible costume detailing, the One:12 Collective Joker figure is created by Mezco with the iconic vision of the greatest villains of all time with a “real world” look. DC COMICS XXRAY FIGURES From Mighty Jaxx come new figures of your favorite DC characters with a twist!…


by Daniel Pickett
August 31, 2016
BBTSLogo ————- ————- 1/6 SCALE GHOSTBUSTERS FIGURES Blitzway is proud to present the legendary figures of the Ghostbusters in 1/6th scale from the movie. They feature a highly detailed likeness head sculpts, accurately tailored costumes; brand new fully articulated bodies, various realistic accessories, and the perfect realization of Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon…


by Daniel Pickett
August 25, 2016
RE:EDIT IRON MAN FIGURE The black Iron Man suit seen in the Marvel Comic Universe Marvel Now! is the next release from the Re:Edit Iron Man series! Known as the black and gold version, his trademark red cores are replicated by transparent parts, while the Chemical Attack-designed articulation gives this figure a wide range of…


by Daniel Pickett
August 19, 2016
MASTERPIECE SOUNDWAVE WITH 5 CASSETTES This Masterpiece Soundwave includes his shoulder cannon, handheld blaster, and Megatron’s pistol alternate mode. He is accompanied by Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Rumble and Frenzy, along with translucent cassette cases and optional piledrivers for Rumble and Frenzy. TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1 – MEGATRON & OPTIMUS Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud…


by Daniel Pickett
August 12, 2016
STREET FIGHTER V 1/12 SCALE M. BISON Storm Collectibles presents the official Street Fighter V – M. Bison 1/12 Action Figure. Bringing their 1:6 scale high quality into the 1:12 scale action figure – recreating M. Bison and bringing him from video game to real life. BANDAI JAPAN FIGUARTS AND MORE S.H.Figuarts Clone Trooper Phase…


by Daniel Pickett
August 5, 2016
Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor Takara presents a new addition to their Masterpiece lineup: the MP-34 Cheetor from the series Transformers: Beast Wars! This articulated figure comes with a weapon and is beautifully colored as he is in the series. Fans and collectors alike will love this anticipated fun-colored bot that can transform into a cheetah…


by Daniel Pickett
August 1, 2016
IRON MAN ELECTRIC HELMET The Iron Man Electronic Helmet has a magnetized faceplate that can be completely detached and reconnected, triggering glowing LED eyes and dramatic sound effects. The interior simulates ultramodern electronic design. The exterior boasts Premium Role Play detail and a beautiful finish. Peerless sculpting and deco recall Stark Industries’ state of the…


by Daniel Pickett
July 28, 2016
BACK TO THE FUTURE II Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown are brought to you as 1/6 scale figures from Hot Toys! These figures feature likenesses of the actors in the movie, sculpted with detailed wrinkles and skin textures. They also come with real fabric clothing and character-specific accessories in 1/6 scale size. These articulated…


by Daniel Pickett
July 22, 2016
NEW XTRANSBOTS – BOOST, HATCH, OLLIE(REISSUE) XTransbots presents the MM-IV Ollie Reissue, new and improved and features some refined parts, molding tweaks, and more than 18 joints! Also available are MM-VI Boost and MM-VII Hatch as a set or individually! The newer version of Ollie is much more durable, playable, and displayable, while Boost and…