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by AFi Admin
March 8, 2018
Spotted the new deluxe #borderlands @mcfarlane_toys_official #claptrap figure at @gamestop Follow AFi on Instagram


by Daniel Pickett
September 20, 2017
USAOPOLY GAMES & PUZZLES These puzzles and games are from your favorite series like Game of Thrones, Court of the Dead, Fallout, and more! GIGASARUS HQ-04R GRAVITER GigaPower continues their variant line of Gigasaurs with the chromed version of Graviter. Graviter stands 11 inches tall in robot mode, includes wepaons and accessories, and features transparent…


by Daniel Pickett
June 15, 2017
NEGAN 1/6 SCALE FIGURE From The Walking Dead TV series comes an amazing 1/6 scale figure of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan! This articulated 12-inch figure features real fabric tailored clothing and a pair of gripped hands for holding his bat “Lucille”. BOB ROSS POP! Happy little trees. You heard it, Bob Ross is joining the…


by Daniel Pickett
March 10, 2016
  Attention Vault Hunters! Borderlands Pop!’s are coming and they’re worth their weight in Eridium! Claptrap, the most annoying robotic guide to ever make it off Hyperion’s assembly lines, makes for a great companion. Whenever he isn’t talking. That makes this NON-TALKING, FULLY SILENT, NOT INTERACTIVE keychain so valuable!     Coming in April!


by Daniel Pickett
June 12, 2014
  The Fall Of Fyrestone’ Continues The Epic Adventure At IDW Publishing San Diego, CA (June 17, 2014) – The critically acclaimed videogame series Borderlands, begins an epic new canonical chapter this July in the original comic mini-series The Fall of Fyrestone, from IDW Publishing. Returning to the strange and deadly world of Pandora are…


by Daniel Pickett
September 5, 2013


by Daniel Pickett
June 26, 2013
A brand new batch of pro-orders and new arrivals over at BigbadToyStore.com! ————– NEW PRE-ORDERS ————– PORTAL 7″ FIGURES – ATLAS, P-BODY, SET NECA has just announced new 7″ figures of P-Body and Atlas from Portal. Each comes with LED light effects in both themselves and their ASHPD accessories, and we have them listed at…


by Daniel Pickett
March 20, 2013
All new listings of new pre-orders and new arrivals from our friends at BigBadToyStore.com. ————– NEW PRE-ORDERS ————– BATMAN CLASSIC 1966 TV FIGURES SERIES 01, 02, BOX SET We have just listed the first two waves of the Batman Classic 1966 TV Figures, as well as the first box set.  The first wave includes Batman,…


by Daniel Pickett
January 7, 2011
It’s a new year and NECA has given us an update on things to look forward to in 2011: 2011 is off to a furious start and your friends at NECA are rested and relaxed after a long holiday break. Oh wait, no they are not. That’s right. While you were knee-deep in egg nog…