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by Daniel Pickett
January 19, 2012
1:43    2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon casting for open market order in February 2012   INDIANAPOLIS, IN (January 19, 2012) GreenLight has set out to explore a new scale in die cast offerings with their first ever original release of an official 1:43 GreenLight tool. Two open stock variations will be available in February 2012 of the limited edition…


by Daniel Pickett
January 11, 2012
ScreenHunter_01-Jan.-10-22.47-500x268.gif 1:64 County Roads has more rural to reveal as new castings are incorporated into Series 7. Indianapolis, IN (January 10, 2012)1:64 County Roads provides small town perspective. Focusing on home grown USA life outside the big city, these vehicles construct an overall image of blue collar, wholesome families, and American roots. Series 7 delivers a…


by Daniel Pickett
January 5, 2012
ScreenHunter_01-Jan.-05-13.24-150x150.gif Taking the World by storm one toy car collection at a time, Motor World Series 7 introduces new models and classic favorites Indianapolis, IN (January 4, 2012) 1:64 Motor World Series is the perfect toy for automotive enthusiasts of any age. Created initially to appeal to a younger demographic by its economical price point and…


by Daniel Pickett
January 1, 2012
GLC-hot-pursuit-9-150x150.gif GreenLight Starts the New Year in Hot Pursuit of Collectible Success GreenLight Collectibles releases 1:64 Hot Pursuit Series 9 as the first new series of 2012 Indianapolis, IN (December 28, 2011) In order to set the mood for a successful 2012, GreenLight has one of their best sellers leading the pack into the New year…


by Daniel Pickett
June 21, 2011
A deep and varied increase in GreenLight offerings creates a huge outlet for collectors   Indianapolis, IN (July 21, 2011) GreenLight has diversified their 1:64 GL Muscle product theme by offering assorted colors of the 2010 models from Series 2.  These sets will be going to Hobby Distributors and Wholesalers across the nation as well…


by Daniel Pickett
June 16, 2011
 GreenLight Collectibles will join the franchise that shred tires all the way to the box office   Indianapolis, IN (June 14, 2011) GreenLight has jumped into the passenger seat for this adventure, utilizing their NBC Universal licensing for the Fast and Furious franchise.  GreenLight plans to introduce multiple offerings that will be affiliated with the…


by Daniel Pickett
June 15, 2011
GreenLight uses new casting to add 1:18 scale offering to the Bullitt offerings   Indianapolis, IN (June 9, 2011) Warner Brothers and GreenLight have come together to replicate Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang in 1:18th scale movie memorabilia.  Bullitt, produced in 1968, is an American classic starring Steve McQueen.  The critically acclaimed and culturally historic action/suspense…


by Daniel Pickett
June 9, 2011
GreenLight branches out into Entertainment Licensing to bring this series to fruition.    Indianapolis, IN (June 7, 2011) NBC Universal Studios and CBS Broadcasting are two of the most influential American television networks of our current generation, having powerful parts in the evolution of media and entertainment.  GreenLight is proud to announce that they have…


by Daniel Pickett
May 25, 2011
 Kachow! Kids Can “Race Around the World” with In-Store “Racetrack” Boutiques, Digital Programs and Global Exclusive Product Lines Dedicated to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2   WAYNE, NJ (May 25, 2011) – As DisneyŸPixar’s Cars 2 prepares to speed into theaters on Friday, June 24, Toys“R”Us® stores are helping kids join the “Race Around the World” by…


by Daniel Pickett
May 18, 2011
Kbb.com’s Coverage Features Never-Before-Seen Specs, Expert Vehicle Reviews for Select Movie Characters IRVINE, Calif., May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new car and used car information, today debuts exclusive performance data, vehicle specifications and more for select Cars 2 movie characters on its top-rated website, www.kbb.com/. The all-new character…


by Daniel Pickett
May 10, 2011
Series 5 pulls from your favorite GreenLight Classic Product themes   Indianapolis, IN (April 29, 2011)  1:64 Dioramas Series 5 includes a 4 piece window box assortment representing GreenLight’s past present and future.  Comprised of original Diorama material, the Steve McQueen Bullitt theme makes a third part appearance, along with the popular GL Muscle theme,…


by Daniel Pickett
May 4, 2011
Collectors, Start Your Engines! Indianapolis, IN (May 3, 2011) As all race fans know the month of May marks the start of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”; the Indianapolis 500. The race has been held every year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) since 1911, giving birth to legends and weaving a tapestry of tradition…


by Daniel Pickett
April 20, 2011
GreenLight has added a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback to their repertoire of original offerings   Indianapolis, IN (April 20, 2011) On April 17, 1964, the production version of the Mustang was launched.  The model was introduced with three available body types.  The “fastback” is the most exciting sounding of the three styles, which pulls…


by Daniel Pickett
April 14, 2011
Collectors can expect to see multiple GreenLight offerings debuting simultaneously to keep up with large collector demand   Indianapolis, IN (April 12, 2011) GreenLight has two simultaneous releases coming this April that are sure to have something for everybody!  Hot Pursuit and Auction Block are veteran series amongst the GreenLight offerings, each set attracting more…


by Daniel Pickett
April 7, 2011
1:64 Motor World packaging is getting an entirely new design and sub series classification   Indianapolis, IN (April 6, 2011) Diecast collectors know that the 1:64 Motor World Series is the GreenLight offering of a toy product line.  Created to appeal to a younger demographic by its economical price point and brightly decorated body paint…


by Daniel Pickett
March 30, 2011
Each car in the 1:64 GL Muscle Series 2 six piece assortment will include shop tool accessories   Indianapolis, IN (March 29, 2011)  1:64 GreenLight Muscle (1:64 GL Muscle) Series 2 is scheduled for a public release in Spring 2011.  With the highly popular Series 1 selling out in stores and becoming a fast favorite…


by Daniel Pickett
March 16, 2011
The Expo is the country’s largest and most dynamic consumer event for RC and die cast.   Pomona, CA (March 16, 2011)  Diecast X; a popular US collector and consumer magazine launched the RCX Expo in 2003, since that time the expo has expanded to include three exciting shows in one location: RCX, Model Airplane…


by Daniel Pickett
March 10, 2011
GreenLight is adding a new product theme Spring 2011 under their 1:64 GreenLight SE category   Indianapolis, IN (March 10, 2011) 1:64 Route 66 U.S.A represents a part of American motorist evolution and draws on the nostalgia of a time when travelers of yesteryear took to the pavement with a sense of adventure and California…


by Daniel Pickett
March 9, 2011
DSC_1322.jpg  Today Mattel announced the full line up for their April 2011 MattyCollector.com sale: Toy Fans, I thought our March sale was packed… until I saw the list for our April sale! Be here on Friday, April 15th at 9 a.m. and you’ll find products from four of your favorite lines, including the all-new Lex Luthor…


by Daniel Pickett
March 2, 2011
These two cars pulled from entertainment history glorify our need for speed!   Indianapolis, IN (March 2, 2011) The newest wave of 1:18 GreenLight Exclusives pays homage to the two great places that as automobile lovers we gather the fuel for our passion; the race track and the movie screen. Both cars in the release…