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by Daniel Pickett
May 20, 2015
I have what might be called an unnatural love of David Letterman. When I started watching Dave’s show in 1985 I thought it was a revelation of comedy. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  I was just starting High School and Letterman’s brand of humor and antics were right up my alley.  It was…


by Daniel Pickett
May 14, 2015
Aaaaand we’re BACK!   It’s been a few weeks, but there was a “secret” episode in the meantime in form of my Wondercon panel that Jason was a panelist. (I should have that up on the ActionFigureInsiderTV  YouTube channel soon).  Jason and I also got to hang out a bit at Star Wars Celebration, so…


by Daniel Pickett
April 13, 2014
With episode 100 behind us we move on to episode 101, which I consider to be “well into our 100’s.” Thanks everyone for all the great feedback on Episode 100. We enjoyed reading all of the comments. Now we hope to back on a more regular schedule. By the time you read this and hear…