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by Daniel Pickett
October 18, 2017
  TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS LG-EX GREATSHOT & GRAND MAXIMUS Armed with their weapons, Greatshot and Grand Maximus are ready for action! Each exclusive figure converts from robot to different modes. FUNKO 8-BIT POP! 8-Bit Pop! figures bring your favorite characters to life with a unique stylized design. Each vinyl figure stands 3.75 inches tall and comes…


by Daniel Pickett
September 20, 2017
USAOPOLY GAMES & PUZZLES These puzzles and games are from your favorite series like Game of Thrones, Court of the Dead, Fallout, and more! GIGASARUS HQ-04R GRAVITER GigaPower continues their variant line of Gigasaurs with the chromed version of Graviter. Graviter stands 11 inches tall in robot mode, includes wepaons and accessories, and features transparent…


by AFi Admin
July 20, 2017
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by Abby Pickett
April 19, 2017
Newsletter April 19, 2017 METROID FIGMA SAMUS ARAN From the Nintendo Wii game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption comes a figma figure of the main character, Samus Aran! She comes with interchangeable hands and a stand to pose and display her on. MATTEL WONDER WOMAN FIGURES Recreate thrilling movie battles from the Wonder Woman Movie true-to-scale…


by Daniel Pickett
April 12, 2017
BANDAI AMERICA DRAGON BALL SUPER From Bandai America comes new Dragon Ball Super collectibles! These cosplay accessories and action figures make great additions to any Dragon Ball collections! BATMAN: BORN IN BLOOD ART PRINT (LE 500) QMx is proud to offer Born of Blood, a hand-drawn design featuring DC Comics’ Batman from British artist Doaly….


by Daniel Pickett
March 29, 2017
NEW BANDAI JAPAN Bandai Japan presents all your favorite anime, comic book, movie, and video game characters as collectible figures and statues! Each item features series-accurate sculpt, paint, accessories, and weapons. D-10G HATTORI HANZO RETRO COLOR VERSION Hanzo stands 10.65 inches in robot mode and is armed with two hand held blasters. Hanzo can transform…


by Jim Abell
March 23, 2017
Not sure how this slipped under the radar but Warner Bros Home Video is finally releasing the first full season of Static Shock to DVD next Tuesday (March 28th) and rereleased the first season of The Zeta Project and added the second season last week (March 16th). It’s been a painful wait for more Static…


by Daniel Pickett
February 22, 2017
STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 40TH ANNIVERSARY Celebrate 40 incredible years of Star Wars action and adventure with vintage Star Wars figures, featuring classic design and packaging! Since 1977, Star Wars has captured the hearts of millions with iconic characters, impressive vehicles, and a galaxy of stories that has passed the test of time over…


by Daniel Pickett
January 12, 2017
HYBRID METAL FIGURATION HEUY, DEWEY, AND LOUIE Hybrid Metal Figuration Huey, Dewey, and Louie are incredibly articulated figures made of metal that stand 3.5 inches tall. Each duck is painted in his classic colored t-shirt with matching hat and come with a plethora of accessories! NEW BANDAI JAPAN Bandai Japan presents everyone’s favorite lazy egg…


by Daniel Pickett
December 29, 2016
ULTIMATE JUNGLE HUNTER ACTION FIGURE The Ultimate Hunter has received the Ultimate Neca treatment! This articulated 7-inch figure comes with an opening gauntlet, interchangeable heads and hands, spine, mask, cannon blast effect, human skull, and removable backpack. MEGA MAN 66 ACTION TRADING FIGURES Finally, Mega Man joins the lineup of 66 Action series! This series…


by Daniel Pickett
December 7, 2016
BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES BATWING Compliment your Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile with this jaw-dropping 37-inch long Batwing replica! Featuring retractable landing gear, battery-powered interior lights and exhaust, and a slide-open cockpit canopy that fits 2 6-inch action figures, this sleek replica will enhance your Batman collection. LOST EXO-REALM FIGURES FansProject presents 2 new transforming…


by Daniel Pickett
October 13, 2016
BBTS SHARED EXCLUSIVES 50TH ANNIVERSARY G.I. JOE Celebrate 50 years of G.I. Joe with Hasbro’s Versus 2-packs and Squad 3-packs! Each articulated figure comes with a base and weapons. Collectors can grab Cobra Legion figures, Special Forces figures, and many more exclusive villains and heroes! DA-06 DIA-BATTLES V2 COSMO MANEUVER TYPE The Dia-Battles V2 Cosmo…


by Daniel Pickett
September 29, 2016
LEGEND OF ZELDA FIGMA FIGURES Good Smile Company presents The Legend of Zelda Figma figures of Zelda and Link. These articulated figures feature character-related accessories, expressions, stands, and are painted as depicted in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 1/4 SCALE ROGUE ONE DEATH TROOPER SPECIALIST This movie-accurate elite soldier of Director…


by Daniel Pickett
August 31, 2016
————- ————- 1/6 SCALE GHOSTBUSTERS FIGURES Blitzway is proud to present the legendary figures of the Ghostbusters in 1/6th scale from the movie. They feature a highly detailed likeness head sculpts, accurately tailored costumes; brand new fully articulated bodies, various realistic accessories, and the perfect realization of Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon…


by Daniel Pickett
August 25, 2016
RE:EDIT IRON MAN FIGURE The black Iron Man suit seen in the Marvel Comic Universe Marvel Now! is the next release from the Re:Edit Iron Man series! Known as the black and gold version, his trademark red cores are replicated by transparent parts, while the Chemical Attack-designed articulation gives this figure a wide range of…


by Daniel Pickett
August 19, 2016
MASTERPIECE SOUNDWAVE WITH 5 CASSETTES This Masterpiece Soundwave includes his shoulder cannon, handheld blaster, and Megatron’s pistol alternate mode. He is accompanied by Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Rumble and Frenzy, along with translucent cassette cases and optional piledrivers for Rumble and Frenzy. TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1 – MEGATRON & OPTIMUS Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud…


by Daniel Pickett
April 20, 2016
TITANS RETURN LEADER CLASS Leader Class Blaster and Powermaster Optimus Prime are triple changers that come with a Titan Master figure that becomes the head of the Leader figure in robot mode. When the Leader Class figure is in vehicle mode, the Titan Master figure rides inside. Connect their battle station modes to Fortress Maximus…


by Daniel Pickett
April 6, 2016
————– ————– ONE:12 COLLECTIVE FRANKENSTEIN Perhaps the most iconic movie monster of all time, Frankenstein, portrayed by the legendary actor Boris Karloff, first terrified audiences in 1931. Meticulously developed to capture the terrifying look of the iconic creature and outfitted on a One:12 Collective body, the figure’s detailing is incredible; the final product captures the…


by Daniel Pickett
April 1, 2016
————– ————– NEW TAKARA TRANSFORMERS Next up in the Unite Warriors line up is UW-08–a box set of the five Autobot Technobots that combine to form Computron; the Transformers Legends lineup adds 8 more figures, including Fortress Maximus who will stand a whopping 24 inches in his robot mode; and if all that isn’t enough…


by Daniel Pickett
March 11, 2016
————– ————– ONE:12 COLLECTIVE CAPTAIN AMERICA Fighting for the red, white, and blue for over 60 years, Captain America is the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty. Meticulously developed to capture Captain America’s modern heroic look, this One:12 Collective figure is the first in Mezco’s Marvel Universe line up. Featuring over 32 points of…