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by Daniel Pickett
March 22, 2016
This week NECA announced a great accessory pack to help Aliens fans fill out their collections and dioramas: To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Aliens, we’re releasing a deluxe creature pack that includes some frequently requested favorites from the terrifying movie! These six pieces will make for some mind-blowing dioramas, since they’re perfectly in scale…


by Daniel Pickett
December 29, 2015
Alien PHUNNY Coming Soon! In space no one can hear you cuddle! Alien PHUNNY Plush is coming soon to stores and Kidrobot.com! This collection features the Facehugger, Xenomorph and Chestburster in a sinisterly squeezable plush form! Each PHUNNY Plush retails for $16.99. PHUNNY is full of creeps, monsters and frights softened to huggable absurdity. PHUNNY…


by Daniel Pickett
February 5, 2015
It’s a huge week for Diamond Select Toys, with plenty of toys, kitchenware and office supplies heading to comic shops and specialty stores for New Toy Day! Starting Wednesday, you’ll be able to pick up Michonne’s sword as a letter opener, Spider-Man’s head as a gelatin mold and even the Batmobile as a bottle opener,…


by Daniel Pickett
September 12, 2014
EntertainmentEarth.com surprised us all this morning by quietly posting the 2nd series of Funko/Super7’s retro ReAction ALIEN line.   We’ve sort of known the partial line-up of Ripley in her space suit and Kane with Chest-burster were available in clear and smoky/sparkly variants as part of the SDCC exclusive blind-boxed egg program.  The metallic Big Chap…


by Daniel Pickett
August 9, 2013
This 4.5″ tall Alien Egg is an incredibly detailed recreation of the mysterious eggs from the Alien films. Closed, the egg glows with an eerie green light… but press the button concealed on the back and launch a rubbery Facehugger high into the air! Frighten your friends, your neighbors or your household pets. An incredible…


by Abby Pickett
July 18, 2013
Check out Randy showing us the new Alien FaceHugger spring loaded egg with light up action! This is still a prototype, and the facehugger will be properly colored for release. This will be art of NECA’s Alien Anniversary line. Cool!


by Daniel Pickett
March 12, 2013
Visit Super7 Booth #1166 at WONDERCON as we reveal the prototype Glasses for the first time in public!   ALIEN COLLECTIBLE PINT GLASS SET Inspired by vintage “Fast Food” glasses, these four glasses present a memorable scene from the movie on the front side, featuring colorful artwork created exclusively for this Gift Set.   The backs…